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Her Brother’s Girlfriend Keeps Flying Off The Handle After He Suffered An Injury, So She Told Her To Leave Their House

by Matthew Gilligan

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I’m gonna go on the record and say that this woman sounds UNHINGED.

Yes, you heard it here first…

But this doesn’t have anything to do with me.

It has to do with the woman who wrote this story.

Did she take things too far?

Let’s take a look!

AITA for kicking my brother’s girlfriend out when she kept screaming at people?

“My (29F) brother, Cody (25M) and I never had our dad in our lives and our mom passed 3 years ago.

We’re really all the family we have left. Currently, we live together, splitting rent on a condo. Cody is dating Shannon (24F). I really like her and we have had no issues until now.

Last week, Cody was seriously injured. I’m his emergency contact and was told he was at the hospital. When I arrived, Cody’s boss, Martin, was there.

Cody and Martin have a great relationship, much better than most bosses and employees, so he was just as worried. And not in a “oh ****, what will this do to the company” but a “I’m really concerned” kind of way.

His girlfriend was unhinged.

Shannon arrived not long after I got there. Immediately, she began screeching at Martin, asking how he could let this happen, etc. Martin was shocked and said he wasn’t even around when it happened.

Cody wasn’t even at the main offices, he got into an accident on his way to a different site. It was in no way the company’s fault. I tried telling Shannon that blaming people wasn’t going to help and we needed to focus on Cody.

Eventually, we got to see Cody and thankfully, he was okay for the most part. Shannon was continuing to freak out on medical staff and honestly stressing Cody a lot.

Even the nurse told me to take a walk with Shannon because she wasn’t helping things. I did so and told Shannon I understood this was scary but she needed to take a breath. She apologized and said she was stressed. I totally understood.

Here we go again…

Cody came back to the condo and has been on bed rest. His work has given him paid leave and is covering all of the bills. On Friday afternoon, I was doing the dishes and suddenly heard screaming coming from Cody’s room.

I go in there to find Shannon standing by his bed. Cody is on a Zoom call with Martin and a few other higher ups discussing the accident.

Shannon is screaming at them that they better not let anything else happen to him, that they’re lucky Cody didn’t sue and that they’re all jerks.

Cody looks embarrassed and keeps telling her to stop. Martin says they’ll talk later and ends the call.

When I ask what happened, Cody says that he was discussing the company car that was totaled in the accident and when he could expect to get a new one.

Shannon interrupted their conversation out of nowhere and flipped out.

Cody looked exhausted so I told Shannon to follow me.

Time to go!

I asked her to leave.

I said she is putting Cody’s job at risk and she can’t go around screaming at everyone. She told me she’s just stressed.

I said, I get it. It was terrifying to get that call and see him like that.

But Cody doesn’t need everyone screaming, especially at people who have been nothing but nice. She got irritated and said she wasn’t going to go unless Cody asked her.

I said it was my condo too and I didn’t want her there. So, she left.

Cody isn’t mad at me, but he also says he wouldn’t have cared if she stayed.

Shannon, however, is mad at me and feels I was diminishing her feelings.


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This woman needs to slow her roll in a major way.

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