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Her Cousin Is Upset That She Can’t Bring Her Boyfriend To The Wedding Even Though Her Boyfriend Is The Bride’s Ex-Boyfriend

by Michael Levanduski

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Choosing your bridal party is a big decision and you want to make sure to get it right.

In some situations, you even have to think about who they will be bringing along with them before asking them to be a bridesmade.

For example, in this story, OP’s cousin is dating her ex-boyfriend, which could definitely make things awkward.

Unfortunately, the cousin is refusing to leave her boyfriend home for the wedding.

Read on to see how OP handles it, and who the AH might be.

AITA for telling my cousin that she is no longer allowed to be a bridesmaid in my wedding because she wants to bring her boyfriend, who is my ex, and I don’t want him there?

My cousin is currently dating my ex, with whom I ended things amicably.

Yeah, even if they parted on good terms, it could be weird to have an ex at her wedding.

Although I no longer have feelings for him, I do not want him at my wedding, a day that is incredibly important to me.

I do not want him there to potentially overshadow the happiness of the occasion.

Clearly OP has given this a lot of thought.

Additionally, their relationship is still quite new, and I worry that if they break up, my cousin will be glad that he is not in any of the photos.

When my cousin brought up the issue of bringing her boyfriend as a plus one, I told her that she could not bring him.

Honestly, I can see why the cousin would be disappointed, but she should understand that this day is not about her.

She became upset and tried to argue her case.

Feeling frustrated, I finally told her that if she insisted on having him there, then I would rather she not be there at all.

Now she is angry with me.

This is an important point coming up here. I’m sure OP’s husband-to-be doesn’t want her ex at the wedding.

I understand where my cousin is coming from, but I feel that she is not considering my feelings and the feelings of my own partner, whom I also have to consider when planning wedding.

Am I in the wrong for standing my ground on this issue?


In my opinion, OP is NTA. It is her big day and she can invite (or not invite) anyone she would like.

As long as the cousin doesn’t push too hard or get too upset about the situation, I would say NAH because I do understand why she would want to bring him.

From the information in the story, however, it looks like the cousin is getting really mad, which makes her the AH in my head.

It is a complicated situation though, let’s see what other people on Reddit had to say.

100% agree with this comment. OP’s wedding, OP’s choice.

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Not sure I agree with this comment. There are plenty of situations where this wouldn’t be weird.

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These are great questions to ask, but honestly, if OP doesn’t want her ex there, that is all that matters.

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This comment perfectly sums up the situation.

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OK, maybe OP was being a little dramatic with her comment, but she’s not wrong about not wanting her ex there.

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Come on cousin, this day isn’t about you.

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