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Her Cousin Talked Bad About Her To Family Members In Another language, But She Had No Idea She’s Fluent

by Matthew Gilligan

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Never, ever assume anything

Because you might get smacked in the face with a dose of reality that will make you feel like a HUGE IDIOT.

Check out what this person did to get back at their back-stabbing cousin.

You’ll be impressed!

My Cousin Thought She Was Being So Clever. It Did NOT Work Out For Her.

“A few years back, I was about 24-25 years old, I went to Cyprus with my grandparents to visit relatives.

My grandparents originally came from there and moved to the UK when they were like 16. My cousin, 14 female, also came along.

There are traditions…

Now it’s important to mention that we’re Greek Cypriots. Certain things are expected when we visit relatives. Such as helping out with things if we can, and offering our help for whatever our host might be doing.

It’s also worth mentioning that I have a sight problem, but I’m extremely independent in spite of it.

So we were visiting relatives and every time I offered to help out, either taking dishes into the kitchen, bringing them out of the kitchen, washing up, even getting a glass of water, I kept being told to sit down, they could handle it.

I didn’t understand why, as I’m perfectly capable. I thought it might be to do with my eyes.

One day we were visiting a great auntie of ours, who owns a little summer home by the sea, not too far from where we were staying. Now when we visit this auntie, I always go swimming. She’s literally not even a couple of mins away from the sea.

Now as I went to offer my help to my great aunt, I hear my 14 year old cousin talking to her in Greek. Another important note, I can’t string together a sentence in Greek.

Wait for it…

My father is English and had something against us speaking Greek. But although I’m not a fluent speaker, I can read, write and understand Greek.

My family doesn’t know this. They assume that because I’m not a fluent speaker, that they can basically hide their conversations between other people

My cousin was telling my great aunt how clumsy I am. How stupid I am. How I’m a little… soft in the head. She was saying it in Greek. She thought I couldn’t understand her.

But I knew exactly what she was saying, even if I couldn’t string sentences together myself, I knew what she was saying about me. I added 2 and 2 together, and realised my cousin was very obviously telling all my relatives this.

She did it, because she thought she’d get praised if she helped bring out the food without me. I was angry, but I knew the perfect revenge.

We ate lunch, and after we were finished eating, my great aunt asked my cousin for her help to take the dishes in, and do the washing up, as she’d been on her feet most of the morning, preparing the food.

My cousin looked at me, knowing my great aunt couldn’t speak English and said “Hey OP, auntie needs help taking the plates in and doing the washing up.”

Because now, she was bored, and expected to run off to the beach and leave me doing the hard work of cleaning up after.

Hell no!

So I looked at her and said “But I’m too stupid and clumsy, and soft in the head, to help auntie out. Besides, she asked for YOUR help. Not mine.” She went pale, realising I knew what she’d said.

But she doubled down. “I helped bring everything out. You could help take it all in.” I laughed at her, picked up the book I’d brought with me, and got up from the table. Grabbed the towel I brought with me, and went to walk off.

My cousin started whining to my grandparents that I wasn’t helping her. My grandmother looked at her and said “You made your bed. Now you lie in it. Your cousin caught you lying about her, and now she can go to the beach, while you help your aunt.”

My cousin went completely white then.

So I went to the beach. Swam for thirty minutes, then chilled out on a deckchair, reading my book under the shade of a nice umbrella.

That’s the good stuff!

By the time my grandparents called to me that we were heading home, my cousin had spent all of it helping to wash up, and dry things, and put them away.

She hadn’t gotten to be lazy and go to the beach, to enjoy the sea.

I could’ve helped her. I simply decided that I wouldn’t, as she never earned my help. Since then, every time we went to a relatives home, and she was asked to help, I watched with a smirk on my face. To this day, (I’m 37 this year) I still won’t help her.

She made out I was incapable to people. So now she suffers the consequences. It’s the malicious compliance that keeps on giving to me.”

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