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Her Dad Cancelled An Important Event With Her And Spent The Day With Her Little Sister. Now She’s Angry And He Thinks She’s Just Being A Brat.

by Abby Jamison

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There’s nothing more important than showing up.

But for this girl, when she asked her dad to show up for an important event, he wasn’t there. Now he’s calling her a brat!

Let’s see what really happened…

AITA for telling my father I was angry with him after he gave my little sister a daddy-daughter day on a day he was supposed to be there for me?

For context, my (15f) parents are no longer together and my dad lives a good 40 minutes away.

My little sister and I have different moms and my dad is no longer with her mom, my dad had her for her spring break last week.

I’m in an orchestra and last week we had a concert, I had been talking about this concert for months and my dad (44) said he would make it.

All should have been good…

Five minutes before I was supposed to go on stage he texted me saying that he couldn’t make it to my concert.

I was disappointed but just thought that it was due to traffic.

He got to take me for the weekend and on the car ride over there ( I was with my stepmother) my little sister said she and my dad had a daddy-daughter day the same day I had my performance.

I was so angry to hear he canceled on me for my younger sister.

She confronted him…

I talked with him later when I saw him and he asked why I was getting so worked up over nothing, I told him of course I was angry.

He looked dumbfounded and told me I was being bratty, that he missed one day of my life (he missed many days just saying) and said I was angry over nothing.

The more I think about it the more I feel like I am a brat but I don’t know. AITA?

Let’s see what advice Reddit had…

This commenter has perspective as a parent themselves.

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Another user validates the her feelings.

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This person points out a huge fact.

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Overall, the commenters agreed on this one!

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It feels awful not getting the attention you deserve from your parents.

I hope the comments made her feel better!

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