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Her Date Was Smelly, Gross and Inappropriate With An Underage Waitress, So She Told the Workers What Happened And Got Him Thrown Out

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit

Wow…this guy is really something…

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Let’s see what happened!

My date got chased out a restaurant by a bunch of chefs.

“When I was in university, I went on a date with a guy I briefly met at the gym.

Between meeting him at the gym and going on our first date, we didn’t talk much as I’m not a “texter,” so I didn’t know much about him prior.

She was thrown for a loop…

We went to my favourite Turkish restaurant and outside of the gym he wasn’t what I expected.

He dressed very flamboyantly in a colourful Gucci head to toe track suit, which isn’t my preference, but I wasn’t going to write a guy off just because of his outfit.

He stunk of weed and had clearly been smoking prior, which is another thing that I’m not fond of (for religious reasons, I don’t smoke or drink, so it’s a huge turn-off).

Sounds like a creep…

He was very obnoxious through the whole date, and a lot more aggressive than he was at the gym.

He asked me questions like “What’s your body count”, he wasn’t well mannered, he had poor articulation, and we didn’t have the same interests or pretty much any similarities.

Nevertheless I’m an optimistic person, and while NO WAY would I ever consider him romantically, I could still enjoy his company for the length of a diner until he started making comments about our waitress.

He made a comment about her “massive rack,” and I was immediately repulsed. Especially when I saw her, she looked no older than 16 being generous.

I was instantly grossed out and told him I was going “to the toilet” when really I went to discretely pay my half of the bill and leave.

Even the workers knew something was up…

When I paid, the other waitress could tell it was a date gone wrong, and while I was paying, she asked if everything was OK because I looked “visually uncomfortable.”

They had been eyeing our table because he was very clearly invading my personal space by sitting on my side of the booth, and they could see me coil away from him from time to time.

I kept having to move his hand off my leg over and over, so it must have given them a bad vibe.

Here we go…

I said I was fine, but he made an inappropriate comment about the younger waitress.

She instantly started pressing me about what he said, and I was reluctant, so I kept it vague and just told her it was a rude comment about the girls chest.

Anyway, I went to the toilet to wait in there for my Uber so I could make my grand escape before I heard a bunch of yelling.

6 Turkish chefs were pushing him out of the restaurant yelling at him.

Apparently, one of the chefs was the young waitresses uncle, and she was only 14.”

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