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Her Ex Gaslighted Her And Called Her Crazy, So She Sent His Family And Friends Proof Of The Horrible Way He Treated Her

by Matthew Gilligan

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I guess it can pay to keep track of all the bad things someone does to you…

Well, at least it did for the woman who wrote this story on Reddit.

Take a look at what she did to get back at an awful ex-boyfriend.

Yet another reason not to call a woman crazy.

Call me the Crazy Ex? Okay I will show you crazy.

“My ex and I dated for four years, we had given each other promise rings and were talking about me relocating to his city.

So we were pretty serious.

He was, on the whole, a fairly sweet guy, but totally unable to deal with his negative emotions and could get very angry over small issues.

One big issue I had with our relationship was how badly he would bad mouth me to his friends and family who very much coddled him.

This guy sounds like a jerk.

He ended our relationship on text while I was thousands of miles away from home for work. (I’m a consultant engineer, so occasionally travel for work).

He ended it because he hadn’t actually gotten over the argument we’d had a week prior.

I suspect his friends and family egged him on, after we had supposedly made up.

After this he blocked me on everything. The text was a couple of lines long and with little to no actual explanation.

Why I wanted revenge: For weeks I spent my time mourning the end of my relationship, going to therapy and trying to healthily process my emotions.

One night my feelings got the better of me and I called him while wasted.

An honest mistake, right?

He was furious, called me crazy, said all his friends and family thought I was crazy and that he owed me nothing.

There I was trying to forgive him (for my own sake) for the pain he’d caused me, and all the while he was seething and bad mouthing me?!

So I decided for once, I’m not going to be the bigger person.

She had the receipts…

The revenge: I religiously journal, and In our 4 year relationship had managed to fill 5 journals which describe everything in great detail.

So I pulled from them all the nasty things he’d said to me (verbatim), along with corresponding dates and a description for context.

And created a spreadsheet on excel to send this information via SMS and email to all his friends and family.

Some of my favourites quotes: “You posh *****” for showing up just in time to take him to his birthday meal at a fancy restaurant, rather than a few hours earlier. I had been bed ridden and unwell for six days and was only just well enough to leave the house.

“You selfish ***** this effects me more” when I said I was hesitant to report being assaulted as the only evidence I had was my word.

“You don’t know what it feels like to hit rock bottom” in reference to his on and off issue with alcoholism while I was trying to confide in him about the sadness I felt about my father’s passing.


Also lots of references to him drinking, as he tells his family he doesn’t drink. I guess they know now.

Call me crazy? Okay then fair enough I will be, haha.”

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I think this guy had quite a bit of explaining to do…

Not that he’ll ever agree and get to it.

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