June 26, 2024 at 12:54 am

Her Ex’s New Wife Showed Up On Mother’s Day Demanding To Spend Time With Her Children. She Refused And Closed The Door On Her Face.

by Sarrah Murtaza

Source: Reddit/AITA/pexels/Elina Fairytale

There’s nothing like spending Mother’s Day with your lovely mother.

But what if a random woman shows up at your door claiming to be your mother and demanding your time?

Heck no!

This woman dealt with her ex’s wife showing up at her doorstep and you won’t believe what happens next.

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AITA for not making my kids go with my ex’s wife and their children or inviting them to join us on Mother’s Day?

My ex and I broke up, and were never married, when I was pregnant with our youngest child who is now 12 and our oldest is almost 14.

Ex moved 20 hours away when our youngest was five months old.

He had his selfish reasons..

He was following a better job. Plus he was bored of our home state and wanted a change.

He told me this before he left and when I asked about the kids he told me he’d still be an involved dad, just at a distance.

She is more like the only parent.

I have primary custody.

He sees them for three weeks in the summer and every other Christmas/Thanksgiving. It’s not a lot and the kids aren’t very close to him and have grown to enjoy the time with him less as they get older.

The distance has a reason..

Part of this is because they don’t feel like he makes enough of an effort. Another part is the fact he got married 2 years after the move and he has more children with his current wife.

So the kids feel replaced.

I can’t blame them. So I put them in therapy to help them through this.

I hardly ever hear from ex or his wife.

The arrangement is rather formal..

I get three emails from him a year and maybe five replies if I’m lucky (which is him giving me dates and me asking him questions and getting replies to those).

The kids do not have a close relationship or any type of bond with their half siblings.

And the most unexpected thing happens..

Sunday morning we got the shock of our lives when my ex’s wife showed up with her and ex’s kids and said she came to get my kids to spend the day with them and so they could be with her and their half siblings.

My kids said they didn’t want to go and walked away without saying anything else to her.

She looked so offended at the door and told me to make sure they get ready.

I told her no and told her she didn’t get to just arrive.

She did what she thought was the best.

I told her they were spending Mother’s Day with me, their mom. Then I closed the door and she stayed with her kids for a few minutes before leaving.

But they didn’t take it well..

Apparently she got home later that night (they flew apparently) because both she and ex sent numerous emails saying I should have sent the kids with her and made them celebrate her for a change since she’s been their stepmom most of their lives and they have siblings who wanted to see them.

They got against her..

Ex also claimed if I refused to share, I should have invited them in to spend some time all together.

They called me a b***h and unreasonable.

This continued all day yesterday.


Yikes! Why would she send her children with a stepmom they don’t even acknowledge?

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No one seems to be able to wrap their heads around what the woman did!

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