June 19, 2024 at 1:38 pm

Her Neglectful Family Completely Forgot Her Birthday, Then Turned It Around On Her When Her Boyfriend Embarrassed Them Online

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

Man, talk about turning things around on someone who didn’t deserve it…

In my opinion, that’s what’s going on in this story from Reddit’s “Am I the *******?” page from a woman who just can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to her family.

Did she do anything wrong?

Get all the details below.

AITA for embarrassing my parents for forgetting my birthday?

“I (F33) just had my birthday last week. The only problem is that no one in my family remembered.

Well, that sucks…

My maternal grandfather passed away about a month ago and my entire family (mom, dad, and 2 younger brothers) flew back to my mother’s home country for the funeral.

I, unfortunately, could not go as I’ve only recently started a new job. I wasn’t particularly close to my grandfather so I wasn’t too upset about staying behind.

My family was gone for a total of 22 days and we FaceTimed and stayed in constant communication during their trip.

I think it’s great that my mom got to reconnect with family and that my brothers got a chance to meet everyone.

They got back last Wednesday and have been readjusting due to jet lag since then (understandably).

Nothing at all…

My birthday was last Friday (2 days) after they got back. TBH, I wasn’t expecting more than birthday wishes from everyone, but the day passed without a word from anyone.

Was I annoyed? Sure. But I wasn’t too upset. I’m not the biggest birthday person.

I ended up having a nice birthday dinner with my boyfriend and a few friends.

All h*** broke loose Saturday afternoon when I got a really angry phone call from my dad.

I guess my boyfriend did a special IG post for me and my brothers saw it and showed my parents. I had no idea he did this as he isn’t a big poster.

This was somehow HER fault?

Anyway, I could hear my mom crying in the background while my dad laid into me saying that they were sorry they forgot, but not saying anything and then posting about it online was passive aggressive and mean.

I told him that I wasn’t upset and that I didn’t think a 33rd birthday was that big a deal anyway.

He said a few more things before abruptly ending the call. I didn’t hear from my family the rest of the weekend.

Today (Monday) I woke up to a bunch of notifications.

I guess my mom did a Facebook post talking about ungrateful kids and how I ruined their surprise party for me and tagged me. My extended family seemed to agree that I was a jerk.

I’ve tried calling my mom, but she didn’t answer so I posted my own reply and said “You guys forgot and no one wished me a happy birthday unless you count dad calling and yelling at me”.

Both of my parents have been calling all morning, but I don’t want to take their calls yet.


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Her family sounds like a bunch of psychos…

They definitely could have just admitted their mistake and apologized.

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