June 17, 2024 at 3:17 am

Her Family Wanted Her To Make Her A Wedding Cake For 200, But They Were Outraged To Receive A Price Sheet Because She Refuses To Work For Free

by Ashley Ashbee

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They say you should never do business with family, but that doesn’t necessarily guarantee family harmony.

Read this story to see another way your business can cause a rift in your family, in this case with a wedding cake.

AITA for sending a price sheet to my family after not being invited to my half sister’s wedding?

I (22F) am a full-time baker for a small business and I’m also a college student.

I moved back up to my home state in September of 2023, mostly to get away from my toxic family and for better opportunities.

My half-sister who we will call Jojo  is getting married to Rhitt in July.

It starts out with a request that would be somewhat understandable under normal circumstances.

My mom and grandma asked that I make them a wedding cake, which I would’ve happily agreed to if I was invited to the wedding.

The thing is, they wanted me to make a cake fit for 200 people, get a hotel near them, work for 3 days, and get a flight there and back.

I’d have to pay for all of it, they think it’d be a nice gift to my sister.

I just laughed and sent them my price sheet.

Multiple family members were outraged and started a ton of drama.

They flipped out.

I was bombarded with texts from them about how selfish I am, how I am truly vile, how I am toxic for expecting my family to pay for my cake when they could just go to Walmart to get one, etc..

Jojo even messaged me on Discord a week after I had sent the price sheet and asked why I would charge her when I made my best friend a free wedding cake.

I simply told her to f off as not only was I invited to her wedding, but I was the MOH and in a way it was a “returning the favor” for being a genuinely good friend and helping me out when I was going through a lot.

Jay and his wife had said I’m not wrong for it and they’d do the same thing, and my boyfriend is on my side.

However, a few people in my life are saying I should’ve just said a simple no instead of sending the sheet and that my response to my sister was harsh.

So, I need an outside perspective. I hope there are other bakers on here too.


Here’s what people are saying.

I was thinking of the same thing as I have a business myself. An added cost is the time you could be spending on making other cakes for a profit.

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LOL I loved the heathen comments. This one is my favorite.

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Exactly. Toxic people can’t understand common sense.

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A lot of people wondered why she speaks to these people.

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I doubt they’d get the message, but this is still a good idea.

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I love cake, but I hate users.


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