June 18, 2024 at 10:36 pm

Her Friend Put Her Husband Down For Years, So She Got Back At Her About How Awful Her Own Husband Is

by Ashley Ashbee

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I love the expression those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. It applies to this story perfectly.

Check out how this person handled a friend who was putting her down for her choice of marriage.

AITA for reminding my friend that she married for intelligence and look where it got her?

My friend Alba is married to Leo, who had been an obnoxious law student and became an even more obnoxious attorney.

He was a know-it-all who prided himself on his intelligence, which for some reason attracted Alba.

At the time Alba would sometimes tease me that I could do better than my husband Vince and would offer to set me up with one of Leo’s law school buddies, but I would always refuse and she eventually dropped the subject.

Alba crosses a major line.

As we were chatting and catching up, Alba said she is worried that my son will be academically challenged like his father and what that could entail for his future.

Before I could respond she told me how I should have married someone smart while I had the chance so I would have kids like hers.

I told Alba her advice was unnecessary and reminded her where marrying for intelligence got her.

So OP let her have it, holding nothing back.

I then told her that I would rather have my son grow up to be an honest, hardworking person like his father than an academically gifted jerk who wasn’t smart enough to know sleeping with his secretary could have consequences on his marriage like her husband.

Alba was deeply hurt by what I’ve said and stormed out with her son.

Some mutual friends are now chiming in and are telling me that I was too harsh on Alba for using her failing marriage to prove my point and should apologize.

Check out what folks are saying.

She had no place to insult them like that, but I’m not sure being harsh changes anything.

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Usually I don’t like war metaphors, but this one is very apt.

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I have seen a lot of them! I think people like drama.

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I don’t understand why they were friends and I hope they aren’t anymore.

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That’s a long time! Not blaming the victim, but her friend has been way out of line for years.

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Why bother with a friend like this? I don’t get it.

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