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Her Friends Discuss Where They Want To Eat And Choose Korean, But A Friend Reveals She Despises It And Makes A Huge Scene

by Sarrah Murtaza

Source: Reddit/AITA/pexels/Andrea Piacquadio

Speak up for yourself while you can!

This girl shares a story where someone didn’t speak up and got the entire plan messed up.

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AITA for not accommodating someone because she never spoke up?

I (28f) recently went out with a few friends and some of their friends.

Eventually we were discussing where to get food. I suggested a few places like pizza, Chinese, sushi, Korean, etc.

People gave opinions, like they were/weren’t feeling XYZ or they have certain allergies.

She didn’t have any opinions..

This one girl, Abbie, never spoke up even when I specifically asked her. I didn’t know her well but wanted to include her, but she would just mumble and not give a definitive answer.

Eventually we settled on Korean food.

The group was okay with it..

There were few people in the group who weren’t too familiar with the food so I explained the menu. Everyone seemed to enjoy the food and I thought that was that.

Towards the end of the meal, Abbie started whining about the food.

She didn’t like this, she didn’t like that, she was unfamiliar with the food, she couldn’t even “choose” the restaurant.

The group got divided.

Few people reminded her that I specifically asked her where she wanted to eat and it was a group consensus.

Just for the record, I’m an introvert but can be very opinionated and can speak up for myself.

I asked Abbie why she didn’t speak up earlier and she responded she didn’t want to upset anyone.

My tone turned harsher and said “well you could’ve said something earlier instead of whining and causing a scene now. Why bring it up at the end of it if you didn’t want to cause trouble?”

And she couldn’t take it anymore!

Abbie’s face turned red as she got up, paid, and left.

AITA for embarrassing her?

Yikes! Abbie was not happy.

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This person applauds the girl for putting Abbie in her place.

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This person thinks maybe Abbie didn’t want to pay.

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