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Her Friend’s Fiancée Uninvited Her To The Wedding, But The Groom And Everybody Else Thinks She Should Still Go

by Abby Jamison

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Unfortunately, it’s a known fact that weddings can make or break friendships.

This woman’s best guy friend is getting married, and his future wife’s behavior towards her is causing serious problems.

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AITA for not getting upset or convince the bride after I was uninvited to my friend’s wedding?

This happened over the weekend but there’s still so much tension.

One of my good friends, Matthew (26M) is getting married next month to Jennifer (26F).

I (25F) have known Matthew since high school. We’ve both connected when it came to video games, especially Minecraft.

Matthew has had his fair share of girlfriends over the years but when he met Jennifer 3 years ago, he said that he knew she was the one and they are madly in love with each other and I am so happy for them both.

Everything seemed fine…

Last year, Matthew popped the question to Jennifer and she said yes. Jennifer’s demeanor towards me drastically changed after the engagement.

She was distant towards me, she wouldn’t look at me and she would hardly speak to me which was weird since Jennifer was always so sweet and nice towards me.

I’d still talk to Matthew and meet with him and our group of friends, sometimes with Jennifer and she would still act cold and not speak to me much.

I kept my distance from Jennifer.

Three months ago, we all received a save the date invitation and their wedding is going to take place at Matthew’s cabin 2 hours away and they were going to keep it small due to the size of the cabin so we were only allowed to bring one guest.

That was when Jennifer acted extremely harsh and hostile towards me and said “bet you don’t have a plus one since you are so into my man.”

This was a blow to the face…

I was taken aback.

I asked her what she was talking about and she smirked and said I knew and to not act stupid.

I ignored her remark and told her my boyfriend was coming. She looked surprised and left.

I of course told Matthew about what Jennifer said to me and he was not happy, so he made her apologize to me.

Then, last weekend, I was invited by Matthew’s sister to go dress shopping with her and Jennifer.

I declined at first because I wanted to keep my distance from Jennifer but Matthew’s sister assured me that she will deal with Jennifer and that our other friends will be there with us.

So we go dress shopping and I found a beautiful dress that I thought would be perfect and I took a picture to send to my boyfriend since he planned on matching (I.e with a bow tie) with me.

Things got intense…

I tried the dress on and it was a perfect fit so I guess I got lucky. Jennifer was angry, called me names, boyfriend stealing, and that I was officially uninvited to the wedding.

She caused such a commotion, the employee of the store asked us to leave.

I told Jennifer I didn’t want to come to the wedding anyway but I was going to because MY FRIEND was getting married.

I told her if she didn’t want me at the wedding, fine. I don’t care since I won’t go to a wedding if the bride is going to be so rude to a guest.

Matthew and our friends found out and I was getting texts left and right begging me to just come to the wedding.

I told them I was happy to get uninvited and I’ll just spend the day with my boyfriend on the day of the wedding instead.

They’re all mad at me for not fighting hard enough.


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This Reddit user questions her friends reactions.

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And several users don’t have much faith in this couples future.

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Someone tell the bride: jealousy isn’t pretty!

I agree this romance is likely doomed.

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