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Her Future Daughter-in-Law Insists That She Let Her Wear A Family Veil, And When She Refused The Bride Called Her A Jerk

by Heide Lazaro

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Weddings are special occasions, and every mom would want their children’s weddings to be memorable.

For this mom, she made veils for her daughters. But when her future daughter-in-law also asks for one, she refuses.

Find out how the story progresses.

AITA for refusing to give the veil I made for my daughters to my future daughter in law and also not making her own veil

When I was younger, I made my two daughters’ veils for their weddings. I did some embroidery on them, and they are very beautiful.

My younger daughter is already married, and used it for her wedding. My other daughter is gay, and will probably wear a tux for her future wedding.

I am still holding onto it in case she wants to use the veil, or make something else with it.

Maybe a pocket square.

She has a future daughter-in-law who wants to use the veil instead.

So one veil is still in my home, and the story came up at dinner about how I made them for my kids. My future DIL has been talking about it since.

She asked to use the one that I have saved for my daughter.

I told her no, and she told me that my daughter won’t be using it anyways, so what is the harm.

Still a hard no from me.

DIL asks her to make her one, too.

She asked me to make her a veil for the wedding in a few months. I told her no to this also.

I have arthritis, and I can’t really do that anymore.

I explained why and this started an argument.

Now, her son and DIL think she’s being stubborn.

She thinks I am a jerk for not doing this, and I am not accepting her in the family.

My reasons are above.

She called done a jerk, and my son is telling me to suck it up and give her one.

My daughter (the gay daughter, for clarification) is happy I held onto her veil.

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A very good point from this user.

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This one, too.

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Yeah, why not ask her own mother though?

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Short but straightforward!

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Like, lose the veil now!

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No means no.

People can be so entitled.

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