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Her Future Sister-In-Law Demanded That She Cancel Her Dream Wedding Because She Needed Help With Her Baby, So She Refused And Insisted That’s Not Her Job

by Michael Levanduski

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There is no drama quite like family drama, and that only escalates around weddings and other major events.

In many cases, multiple family members think their important life events should take priority and aren’t willing to budge.

In this story, a major wedding conflicts with the due date for a pregnancy, and fighting ensues.

Read on to see what happens.

AITA for not postponing our wedding to accommodate my SIL?

My fiancé (M28) and I (F28) are set to be married in December.

We got engaged in June 23, and decided on the wedding date a year and half in advance for everyone’s convenience.

That is quiet the engagement, and it sounds like it will be a beautiful wedding.

We have been dating for 10 years and have been saving up for the wedding for 5 years, to be able to afford an extravagant wedding in a palace in India, and we finally made those arrangements.

My husband’s sister has always been a golden child.

She always got what she asked for, as opposed to my husband who they treat like a cash cow.

Every time his mother needs anything expensive, he’s the first call she makes.

I try not getting between them, but she’s never shown any interest in his life.

Coming to the wedding, we sent out save the dates in December 2023, for people to plan their holidays/plans way in advance.

My SIL got married 3 years back.

I hate it when people try to criticize things because they are jealous.

It was a nice wedding, but not as fancy as ours. When she knew about the plans, she started finding problems in everything to a point where my husband asked her to stop interfering.

Last week, we got a call from her in all excitement to tell us she was pregnant and is expecting a child in December.

Both of us were shocked but happy for her and congratulated her.

Wow, Sister clearly thinks the whole world revolves around her.

She then proceeded saying “so you can just come to SF to get married at the City Hall. I would need help with the baby.”

I was baffled and told her the wedding is still on, and her having a child does not change our wedding plans.

She threw a fit when I said that and hung up.

Very disappointing that even Mom is siding with the golden child on this.

Later that day his mom called and told us to postpone the wedding 6 months so his sister could attend it and if we don’t then she wouldn’t attend either, and that her daughters pregnancy is a bigger event than our “STUPID” marriage.

My husband was upset and chose to not respond but I lost my shit.

Well…I mean the sister HAS to prioritize the pregnancy. That is out of her control. But still, it doesn’t need to impact the wedding.

I told her that if my SIL prioritised her pregnancy over our marriage (which she knew for about a year and half), we’re not obligated to prioritise her pregnancy over our happiness.

My husband is speechless and we don’t know what to do.


For the majority of this story, I was firmly in the NTA camp. The sister sounds insufferable.

When OP said that her sister “HAS to prioritize the pregnancy” as if it is a bad thing, however, I wasn’t so sure.

If the sister is due the same month as the wedding, she has no choice but to have the baby (nature waits for no one).

So, I will say ESH because both OP and the sister are acting poorly.

Let’s see if other commenters agree.

Yeah. The sister can take care of her new child. OP needs to focus on her wedding and marriage.

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This is exactly what I was thinking too.

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OP needs to stand firm, but also have a conversation with her future husband about boundaries with the in-laws.

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Yup, sister will never be ok with a wedding that outshines her own.

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Exactly! No need to support mom financially when they clearly aren’t that important to her.

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This family is nothing but drama.

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