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Her Future Sister-In-Law Picked A Revealing Wedding Dress, So She Warned Her That It Might Upset The Conservative Members Of The Family

by Michael Levanduski

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When planning a wedding, the bride wants every detail to be perfect.

That is doubly true when it comes to picking out the right wedding dress.

When someone criticizes the dress, it can come off as a personal attack and cause a lot of trouble.

While OP had the best of intentions in this story, she is in hot water for telling a bride-to-be that her dress is too revealing and might cause problems.

Let’s see if she was an AH, or just a caring future sister-in-law.

AITA for Warning My Brother’s Fiancé Her Wedding Dress Might Cause Problems?

My brother is getting married soon, and his fiancée chose a very revealing wedding dress.

Everyone has their own style, and people should wear what they want on their wedding day.

It’s low-cut, with a thigh-high slit and a sheer back.

I’m all for people wearing what they want, but our family is quite conservative and opinionated, and I know this dress will cause a lot of drama, especially with our grandparents (talking people walking out on the wedding kind of drama).

Normally I’d think OP should keep her opinions to herself, but it sounds like she was doing it discreetly and nicely.

At a family dinner, I pulled her aside and gently suggested she might want to reconsider her choice, explaining the likely reactions from our older relatives.

I made sure to clarify that I absolutely respect it’s her choice and her special day but wanted to at least warn her of what could happen.

Hmm, this seems like an overreaction from the bride and her fiancée.

She got very upset and said it’s her wedding and she’ll wear whatever she wants.

My brother is now mad at me, accusing me of trying to control their wedding.

Wow. This is a very difficult situation. I think I would have kept my mouth shut.

Some of my family members think I was just looking out for her, while others say I overstepped.

Was I wrong for telling my brother’s fiancée her wedding dress might be inappropriate for our conservative family?


I can definitely see both sides to this story.

If OP would have told the bride-to-be about this issue in front of others, or in a rude way, I would say she was absolutely the AH.

She did it privately and from what it says here, in a very gentle and nice way, so I’m inclined to say she is not the AH.

But one more point, she should have done it before the dress was purchased (if that was possible) since her future sister-in-law has likely already fallen in love with it by this point.

I’m really torn on this one, let’s see what other Redditors had to say.

This Redditor does make a good point. Maybe OP should have been more supportive.

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I think this comment is a little harsh, but I get it.

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Good question. I didn’t even think of that.

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This person sums up the situation perfectly in my opinion.

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Sometimes it is best to keep your opinion to yourself.

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