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Her Girlfriend Let Down A Mutual Friend During An Emergency, And Now Wants Help Repairing The Relationship. She Refuses And Says She Needs To Do It Herself.

by Trisha Leigh

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Friendship is a two-way street, and if you want to have good, long-lasting, meaningful relationships of any kind, they’re going to require attention.

And yes, sometimes sacrifice.

This young woman and her girlfriend live together in an apartment building, where she thought they had made good friendships with the neighbors.

When her girlfriend refused to help one during an emergency, she was at a loss.

Find out the whole story below.

AITA for refusing to help rekindle my girlfriend’s friendship with our neighbour after she refused to help her in an emergency?

My (25f)’s girlfriend (26f-Lotta) has always been on the more quiet and reserved side but also incredibly kind and conscientious of other people.

She also doesn’t let others walk over her and knows how to set (and stick to) boundaries which is one of the reasons I was attracted to her.

But a few weeks ago, I think she was too ruthless.

When their upstairs neighbor had a genuine emergency, though, her girlfriend couldn’t be bothered.

A few weeks ago, our upstairs neighbour (who Lotta and I are close with) showed up at our door sobbing and begging Lotta to babysit her 5 year old for an hour because her one month old was having trouble breathing.

He had stopped breathing at one point and needed to go to the hospital ASAP.

The neighbour explained her mother was on the way as they speak but she has no one else to take care of her other son.

She also offered to pay Lotta. I was at work at the time.

Lotta said no. She said she was busy and couldn’t do it. The neighbour ended up taking both kids to the hospital.

I found out about this incident when I got home from work and Lotta told me.

I was genuinely surprised to hear she said no which seemed to annoy Lotta.

Even though she was literally doing nothing important.

Lotta was ‘busy’ cooking dinner and catching up on a show of hers. She wasn’t working or doing anything that would be dangerous for kids to be around.

Now, she’s upset the neighbor is cold with her and wants the poster to fix it.

Its been 3 weeks since that event and our neighbour has been quite cold to Lotta and this really bothers her.

She says she was just setting boundaries and that our neighbour was entitled and snobby for being upset that Lotta said no.

I explained I felt differently and am more on our neighbour’s side as 1) she has never asked us for any favours in the 3 years we’ve known her and 2) this was a medical emergency- not her wanting to go clubbing with her friends.

I told Lotta that she didn’t teach our neighbour a lesson, she only added stress she didn’t need.

She says she’ll have to fix it herself.

This really upset Lotta because she thought I would be on her side. She then asked me to talk to our neighbour to try and rekindle their friendship.

I said I can’t do that for her, she needs to apologise herself and put in the work.

Lotta stormed off and now keeps saying I’m being a huge a****** for not siding with her and helping her with our neighbour who is ‘her friend’.


I think it’s clear who is wrong, here.

But let’s hear from Reddit!

Refusing to help in a genuine emergency is more than cold.

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Good luck mending those fences.

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What she held was not a boundary.

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This person goes so far as to call her girlfriend cruel.

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Or even further…a sociopath.

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This woman’s girlfriend is a real piece of work.

And I do not mean that in a kind way at all.

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