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Her Husband And Mother-In-Law Eat All The Food She Makes Before She Has A Chance To Eat, So She Finally Snapped On Them

by Matthew Gilligan

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Jeez, talk about rude…

This woman not only has four young kids to wrangle, but she also has to put up with an inconsiderate husband AND a mother-in-law who sounds like a real handful.

Check out her story and see if you think she was out of line for how she treated them.

AITA for flipping out on my MIL and husband for eating all the food before I had eaten?

“Ever since I gave birth 4 months ago (so I have 4 kids total), my MIL has been showing up whenever she wants and when she’s here, she always helps herself to whatever she wants.

This doesn’t sound good…

She has never offered to help me or the baby in any way, shape or form. She’s basically here to see her son and that’s it. Like, about 3 weeks ago I made a small pot of coffee (enough for 2 cups).

I went to go nurse the baby while waiting and at some point my MIL shows up, let’s herself inside. When I came out, she had drank the entire pot. I had no coffee grounds left. Or she’s eaten my leftovers straight out of the fridge multiple times.

And she’s always like “thanks for the food/coffee!” As if I offered it to her when I absolutely didn’t because all she’s doing is making my life miserable. I told my husband to speak to her about it and he told me he did but I truly don’t think so.

It was time to lay down the law.

I spoke up the last time she was here (3 weeks ago) and told her she needed to stop helping herself because she’s eating and drinking stuff that I wanted and/or made for myself. She said “oh I’m sorry” and then stopped coming around for awhile.

Well, today I made 4 homemade pizzas. I told the kids to come help themselves to dinner and that I had to go get the baby down for a nap real quick and would be right back. Well, it took me like 45 minutes because the baby is fussy (she just had shots).

Uh oh…

I come back out and ALL the pizza was gone and my MIL and husband are sitting there chowing away. I just said “are you ******* kidding me right now?”

My husband asked what was going on and I said “you guys couldn’t have even left me a slice? Sure, let’s feed the neighborhood before I even get to eat. That’s so awesome of you guys! Thanks!” And start to walk off.

My oldest son (13) comes in and he’s like “mum I left you out a plate. I put it right on the counter” and walks over to grab it and low and behold, that’s gone too.

MIL said “I thought it was leftover from dinner”. So my son’s apologizing to me even though he did nothing wrong but my MIL and husband just stand there? They literally aren’t saying anything. So I looked at both of them and said “you both need to leave, now”.

Take a hint, dude…

My husband then decides to speak, saying that it was an “honest mistake” and that “no one meant any harm” and said I was making a mound out of a mole hill, which honestly just ****** me off further.

So I snapped again and said “yeah except every time your mother comes here, I end up going without because she eats or drinks my portion of everything. But sure, let’s defend someone taking food out of my mouth, shall we?”

Now it’s tense…

His mother just storms out of the house and my husband looks at me like I’m insane, so I say “quick, chase her” and walk out.

My husband thinks I’m “******* mental” and that this all could have been resolved if I had “acted like an adult”. He won’t come home.

But at this point, I don’t even want him to come home because it means his mother will stay away.”

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How rude!

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