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Her Husband Wasn’t Happy About What She Did For His Birthday, But She Thinks He’s Being Selfish

by Matthew Gilligan

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Some people are really touchy when it comes to their birthdays.

I personally could care less, but hey, that’s just me!

And the guy you’re going to hear about was NOT happy when his wife’s birthday plans for him didn’t live up to his expectations.

Check out what happened and see what you think.

AITA for telling my husband we have different priorities than his 30th birthday?

“I am upset and think my husband is being selfish right now.

I 32F am married to Alex 30M. I am currently three months pregnant and this pregnancy has been really hard on me.

In the past I have miscarried so we are keeping this pregnancy a secret until ~4 months and will not tell friends and family until then.

She’s having a hard time.

I have awful morning sickness that has let up in the past month, and as I can’t tell anyone it has been hard, but Alex has really supported me in this time.

Alex’s 30th birthday was Wednesday and I invited close family and friends over and got catering from his favourite restaurant.

I can’t cook huge volumes of food for guests or be up on my feet very long and made sure the party was short by throwing it on Sunday, so people would leave early for work the next day.

The party for me was tiring and while I wanted to be there for Alex, I was glad when everyone left as I just wanted to go to bed. The morning after Alex said he has fun and I thought that was the end of it.

Here we go…

For his actual birthday on Wednesday, I made him a cake and got him a birthday present. He seemed disappointed and when I asked why he asked me if this was it…

I was confused and he said he assumed I was throwing him a big surprise birthday as I knew how much celebrating his 30th meant to him.

I told him no his party was what happened on Sunday and that I have been too sick and tired to plan anything bigger.

That party alone was a huge effort for me, especially coordinating what worked for everyone else, which happened to be the Sunday and worked out best for me.

I got upset called him selfish and have avoided him ever since.

Alex isn’t happy…

He is upset as for my 30th he planned a big celebration and even invited my college friend from another country.

I obviously appreciated his effort and that was the best birthday anyone has ever planned for me, but that’s isn’t possible for me to do for him with my pregnant and I told him we have different priorities now and he said that the baby wasn’t even here yet.

Alex has made it clear in the past he wanted to throw a big birthday for his 30th, but with my pregnancy and him seeing how it affects me day to day, I thought he would be more understanding of the effort I did make and be more aware of what is possible for his birthday.”

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These two need to go see a marriage counselor.

That’s my two cents!

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