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Her In-Laws Didn’t Lift A Finger To Help Out During A Family Party, She Told Her Husband They’re Not Welcome At Their House Anymore

by Matthew Gilligan

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Not all in-laws are created equal!

And this woman’s set seem to be pretty awful, honestly…

So she decided she’d had enough and she put her foot down.

Did she go too far?

Let’s take a look…

AITA for refusing to let my in-laws stay with us again?

“My husband (34M) and I (31F) recently threw a birthday party for our 3 year old daughter.

We also have two other littles ones in the house (2F & 1M). My husband’s dad decided that he wanted to stay with us for the party. He brought his wife, my BIL, and my SIL.

This was a big party.

We were hosting almost 100 people in our house. I ordered most of the items we needed for hosting/serving purposes and had the food catered.

All we needed to do on the day-of was move around our home to accommodate the tables/chairs/hosting equipment and set everything out.

My FIL decided to spend most of the day in his room and away from the set up. His wife was constantly walking around and complaining about being asked to stay quiet since the baby was napping.

She was doing all the hard work.

As I was running around carrying large tables, moving furniture, decorating, watching children, etc., my husband’s family was calling me mean names behind my back while also being no help at all- not even hanging out with the kids that they were supposedly there to see!

After the party, my family stuck around to help clean up. My husband’s family also stuck around, apparently just to judge. My FIL, his wife, SIL, and BIL all stayed out of the way and napped while we cleaned up.

That was odd…

My MIL and her husband sat around and watched my family clean up. After my MIL and her husband left (3 hours after the party ended) they were apparently talking about how weird it was that my family was helping and how gross it was that everything needed to be cleaned right away.

They said that my kids are probably going to have problems as they grow up since I keep them in such a ‘sterile’ environment. My house is in NO WAY perfect, but after hosting that many people there is definitely some cleaning to do before letting 3 under 3 run around the house again!

She’s fed up.

I told my husband that his family is no longer allowed to stay with us when they’re in town for events and they need to leave when the event is done. I’m tired of feeling judged in my own space.

He says I’m being too harsh and that they’re just not as ‘clean’ as we are. He thinks since they didn’t actively hinder us and didn’t make these comments directly to me, I should just brush it off.


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I wouldn’t put up with that, either!

Hell no!

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