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Her Judgmental Boyfriend Revealed His Family Didn’t Like Her, So She Gave Him A List Of Things She Loathed About Them

by Sarrah Murtaza

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Sometimes no opinion is better than a bad opinion!

This couple got into a quarrel because they shared what they thought of each other and their families.

It must have been a heated up conversation!

Let’s check out the full story.

AITA for telling my boyfriend his family made a bad impression after he told me the same thing?

My boyfriend and I went to his sister’s wedding over the weekend. It was the first time I met his family.

We left Thursday evening and came back yesterday.

Some background..

For context, my boyfriend James is British, while my family is not, so this might be a contributing factor as to why the weekend was pretty uncomfortable.

Which it was.

On the way home yesterday, James was talking about meeting my family sometime soon, and I said maybe when my dad is next in town (he lives in Spain).

James messed up..

James joked he hoped he’d pass the dad test and I said my dad isn’t that kind of parent.

I made some joke about this weekend being a “Balmoral test” and if I passed.

James got kind of squirmy and said it wasn’t a big deal, but I didn’t make the best impression on his family.

I obviously asked what he meant.

Or was it her who messed up?

Things I apparently did that were faux pas:

Woke up too early and dressed for breakfast

Chose to go to pick up food with my boyfriend and his dad rather than staying with his mum and sisters

Wasn’t friendly enough to the kids

Didn’t eat enough

Said no to too many offers (snacks, tea, shower gel)

Bought wine I liked at a supermarket

She seems open to their thoughts about her.

Now, I completely respect their right to feel how they feel about the things that I did.

I may not agree, but between cultural and personality differences, if they just didn’t like me that is fair enough.

However, I feel like it was a bit unnecessary of James to mention this to me. It seemed like he was fishing for some kind of apology from me.

I said as much and James said he was just being honest.

I said that in the interest of being honest his family made a bad impression on me too.

She had her say to as well.

Things I mentioned that made me uncomfortable:

Badgering me about my eating habits

Calling me “stunted” because I went to boarding school

His mother not allowing me to do anything for myself, such making my own tea

Repeatedly trying to convince me to play with his sister’s kids and telling them to bother me when I said no

His teenage cousins making extremely inappropriate remarks to me at the wedding

The whole family getting absolutely paralytic at the wedding

James didn’t receive the remarks well..

James said I was being cruel about his family and that I should have kept my comments to myself.

He said he was just trying to make the point that I should loosen up when I next see his family, not saying there was something wrong with me, but I had basically called his family uncouth thugs.

But she stood her ground.

I disagree there’s any difference in what was said.

AITA for responding to his comment with my own feelings?

Maybe first impressions aren’t supposed to be the best ones because that’s too much PRESSURE!

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This girl deserves better!

If the guy didn’t want an opinion, he shouldn’t have given one in the first place!

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