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Her Late Grandfather Was Helping Support Some Extended Family, But Once She Received His Inheritance She Cuts Off Support And Starts Evicting Them

by Trisha Leigh

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Inheritances can be a nice surprise, no matter where they come from or whom.

When your family is complicated, though, nothing can get people’s dander up quite like the prospect of losing out on money that was never theirs to begin with.

This young woman inherited her grandfather’s estate by default, and doesn’t want to continue supporting family she’s never met.

Let’s hear the whole story!

AITA for not carrying on my late grandfather’s support even though I received his inheritance

My (21f) grandfather recently passed and left me all his assets. My mother was his only child and when my parents passed in a car accident when I was 17 he became my guardian.

I was studying in a boarding school, so there was no big change to my living arrangement. I spent one summer with him before going to university.

The last time I saw him was this new year.

This side of her family has never been close, particularly not with her.

The thing is, my grandfather has never been close to my family.

He and my grandmother were never married and my mom grew up with grandmother.

He did attend big events in her life, like graduation and wedding and my birth, but I saw him for like a week every couple of years.

My mother knew very little about her paternal family except that grandfather had 2 half siblings she had met a few times in her life. I have never met any of them.

When she found out that some of them were receiving support, she wanted to cut it off immediately.

My grandfather left behind some properties and money. When I looked into it, he has been letting some children of his nieces and nephews stay for roughly $100 a month in his places.

He had also set up his bank account to deposit a relatively small amount of money every month to a few older family members.

I asked my lawyer to take care of evicting these people and stop the monthly allowance.

The family asked for a grace period, but she’s not inclined to do it.

The extended family now reach out to me, claiming that grandfather has promised he would help them out until they are back on their feet and that as I received his inheritance, it is only right I carry on his intention.

They asked me for another year and then they will not seek my support anymore.

I know these people are my relatives by blood, but I don’t know them nor do I want the hassle of waiting a year for their convenience.

I am not struggling financially as I have full scholarship, my parents’ assets and life insurance money, and am studying in a field that will lead to a relatively well paying job.

AITA for cutting the support?

Is she being cold and awful?

You know Reddit will tell her the truth!

The top comment says she’s not doing anything wrong, legally.

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Grandpa had the chance to include them and didn’t.

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But this person says she was not kind to these tenants, regardless of blood.

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They don’t like her attitude at all.

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Heartless is the word of the day.

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This young lady could definitely use some compassion.

I mean at least talk to them, dang.

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