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Her Little Brother Played Too Rough, So She Decided to Give Him a Taste of His Own Medicine

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

As someone who has a little brother, all I can say is yes, sometimes you have to whip them into shape when they’re young to teach them life lessons.

And they usually get the message at that point!

This woman shared a story about how she showed her little brother what the deal was when they were growing up.

Little brother learns.

“I (f) got a little baby brother when I was 3, let’s call him Kurt. Older brother 6, let’s call him Grant.

So, middle child. Only girl.

I was mega small for a kid, and Kurt was the most gigantic baby that may have ever existed.

I always wanted to hold him, but couldn’t obviously hold him safely, and my mom would put me on the couch with pillows and stuff to support baby Kurt so it would be safe and I loved him so much.

We grew up a bit, and Grant and I would roughhouse.

We super loved WWF wrestling and had a giant trampoline so we’d get a little wild. But, Grant never intentionally hurt me.

Good, old-fashioned fun.

He’d flip me around and pick me up into the air while we were wrestling and do the moves like from the TV, piledrivers, chokeslams, but I was so small and he was so big, he could just kind of do a pretend version like the wrestlers do never actually hurt me.

I’d grab his arm while he ‘chokeslammed’ me and he’d have one on my back to lift me up.

He’d have a hold on me from the shoulders when he ‘piledrived’ me and I’d obviously stop before like, my neck snapped or anything, he’d catch me and it would be okay.

I kind of went ‘all out’ on Grant, but he was so much bigger than me, it never really mattered to him.

I could hit him as hard as I possibly could, and it was just nothing to him.

So I learned to do choke holds, and that’s a whole different story. I’d always let him up when he tapped, though, like just trying to win the ‘match’.

No malice, no aggression.

Kurt, as he got a little older, and maybe watched me and Grant physically going at each other, I guess decided he wanted in.

This was different…

But, he was so mean!

Through his kind of baby toddler years, Kurt was real close to my size still.

Me and Grant would be playing, albeit a little violently, and Kurt would come in and just start hitting. And kicking. And trying to hurt.

Like, no idea of the ‘rules’ to not really inflict pain.

I would get hurt, and upset and run, as I’m sure we all have done as children with a generally rational mom with siblings, and be like, ‘Mom, Kurt hit me’.

I’d get, ‘Oh, well, he’s a baby, he doesn’t know. Be nice.’


I’d have little bruises, but nah, ‘Kurt’s a baby, he doesn’t know any better.’

To be fair to my mom, she did like sit him down and talk to him about it and everything. So, it’s not like she ignored it.

When I was maybe 7, so Kurt was about 4, he did the same aggressive thing.

Basically just attacked me physically, when Grant and I were having a normal rough housing session, and it hurt, and I went, probably crying, to my mom, and I finally hear the magic words.

‘Well, he’s old enough. He’s gotta learn. Hit him back.’

Yes, ma’am!

I stormed my way back outside and socked him right on the arm as hard as I could.

I yelled, ‘Don’t hit me’.

I had practiced my punch so many times on Grant’s beefy arm, and my itty bitty fist of fury was nothing to him, but for Kurt, oh, he felt it.

He cried and ran inside and was yelling he was going to tell Mom.

I was like, ‘yeah, go tell Mom. She’s gonna tell you, you started it’.

And then he mostly stopped hitting us with mean spirited intentions.

Mostly. He would kinda spazz out sometimes but it was mostly an accident if anyone actually got hurt.

So that’s when my little brother got included officially into the sibling WWF events on the trampoline.

He did still flail and accidently hurt us, but stopped like, intentionally hurting us. Because we were allowed to send it right back.

Everyone’s gotta learn somehow.”

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Sometimes, you gotta show your siblings that you’re the boss.

It’s a right of passage.

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