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Her MIL Tried To Feed Cake To Her Baby Despite Repeatedly Saying Stop, So She Grabbed Her Baby And Stormed Out

by Heide Lazaro

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Most mothers-in-law have their own kind of small quirks and annoying habits.

But when your MIL deliberately crosses the line to annoy you, what would you do and how far would you go?

Find out what this user did when she couldn’t take it anymore.

AITA for leaving without explanation after MIL pretended not to hear me

I, 32F, have a 7-month-old daughter with my husband, 34M.

My country does ensure a long maternity leave for up to 2 years.

However, I am self-employed, and cannot afford to lose my clients, so I try to work while my daughter is sleeping and during the weekends.

Lately, she’s been teething, so I’m operating on little to no sleep.

Meet the mother-in-law.

I have an issue with my MIL.

She does what she wants despite people asking her not to, and then says ‘oops’ or denies doing it. Things like that.

It was annoying before the baby, but after she was born, it has become insufferable.

Husband talked to her and set boundaries, so she stopped doing that when my husband is present, but she was still doing it when it’s only me in the room.

So we agreed, she cannot visit when husband is not at home, and husband is not to leave me alone with her.

Her in-laws visited one weekend.

Because of these boundaries, we did not see them for 1.5 months. They live 2 hours away, and we did not find a mutually good time.

They finally came over last Sunday.

20 minutes into the visit, my FIL wants to see a lawnmower that has broken down, so my husband goes into the backyard with him, leaving me, the baby, and MIL inside.

There she goes, doing something despite OP telling her not to.

She’s drinking coffee and eating cake. She sits next to my daughter on her playmat, and tries to feed her some of her cake.

I immediately told her no, she can’t have that.

MIL pretends not to hear me, and proceeds putting her spoon to my daughter’s closed mouth.

I repeat, “Stop doing that. She can’t have cake yet, and definitely not from your spoon.”

Still, she pretends not to hear me.

The MIL keeps ignoring her.

I repeat it again, still nothing.

And now there’s cake on my baby’s face, and she’s fussing.

So I grab my daughter, and go to my husband and FIL, subtly gesturing him to come back inside.

She can’t take it anymore, so she storms out.

After about 5 minutes, MIL decided to go outside too, and was approaching me and the baby.

I gestured to my husband again, and he made an annoyed face.

I had no energy to deal with any of this so I stood up, went inside, grabbed the baby bag and car keys, and went to the car without saying a word.

MIL asked me where I was going, and I ignored her.

She isn’t aware of the drama back home.

I drove to my sister’s, which is about 15-minute drive.

There were some missed calls from my husband, so I texted him where we were, and that we’ll be back in the evening.

It was time for my daughter’s nap, and she fell asleep breastfeeding, so my sister told me to go sleep, too.

After she woke up and had her milk, my sister took her, and told me to go back to sleep.

I slept 3 hours in total, and my phone was on silent, so my husband’s calls were ignored, and apparently, his parents left disappointed, and MIL cried.

Needless to say, her husband isn’t happy about what transpired.

My husband is furious I did this. We’re still fighting about it.

He can’t believe I was so rude and took the baby away when his parents came to see her after such a long time.

He’s angry I couldn’t have waited a few minutes so that he could finish talking about the lawnmower.

I told him I’m too exhausted to deal with this crap. He left me alone with MIL despite our agreement (be it only 10 minutes), so I left.


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Your baby, your rules!

Those who can’t respect this should be put in their place.

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