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Her Nasty Neighbors Kept Causing Problems Until They Blocked Part Of Her Driveway, So She Blocked Them In Until The Police Came And Cleared Things Up

by Michael Levanduski

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When it comes to a feud with neighbors, there is almost not level of petty that people won’t stoop to.

Even something as small as where someone is parking can spark a major fight.

That is what happened in this story, where they accidentally parked poorly.

This triggered the neighbors.

Check out the full story, which actually involves the police having to sort things out, below.

“MOVE YOUR CAR!” “Lol, Ok”

I’m the (19F) daughter of my normally very nice parents.

We had new neighbors move in about 2 years ago and for the most part, we’ve just left them be.

They’re a little annoying sometimes and there were a couple instances where we had to complain about the overwhelming noise of their weekend parties at night, but other than that they’re pretty OK neighbors.

We’ve never had a problem with them until recently after several strikes against my family.

Some people are as bad with dogs as others are with kids.

Strike #1: Destructive Dogs

So our neighbor’s family and my family owns dogs.

My dogs are very gentle and spend most of their time indoors (we live in Southern California and when this incident happened it was in the middle of summer, so we let our dogs stay inside to keep cool).

THEIR dogs are very aggressive and are raised as outside dogs.

Every time I let my dogs out in the backyard for some fresh air, my neighbor’s dogs will attempt to break through the wooden fence dividing our properties via digging, climbing, scratching, etc.

The digging was easy to stop, we just filled in the holes with dirt.

But at some point their dog managed to create a hole in the wall large enough for their dog to squeeze their face in, so about the size of a dinner plate.

We have cameras… so we caught everything on tape.

My parents are pretty understanding, so my dad went and talked to my neighbors offering to pay half of the damage since it’s our shared property line.

The neighbor’s wife – who we are going to call Lying Sally for this story – called my dad a liar and accused OUR dogs of damaging the fence (which we knew wasn’t true and my dad told her we had proof it was HER dogs) and demanded that MY family pay for the damages.

They fought over it and nothing got solved, so eventually my dad conceded and nailed some plywood over the gaping hole. Problem solved. But this was only the first strike…

It sounds like the neighbor might be a pathological liar.

Strike #2: Just… why?

The next incident is honestly really stupid and I don’t even know why Lying Sally bothered lying.

So this incident happened about a few days after we had to call our third noise complaint on one of their parties AGAIN (like, seriously, who blasts “Let It Go” at 10:30 pm at night??? I wish I was making this up).

My mom is getting out of her car in our driveway when Lying Sally walks right up to her and accuses her of “yelling at their lawn mowing guy to not mow their lawn so loudly at 7:30 am”.

My mom was very confused. She’s never talked to the guy who comes over to mow their lawn.

We’ve never cared about ANY of our neighborhood’s business in general.

For f***’s sake, we have a neighbor across the street who revs his motorcycle at 6 AM and another neighbor who does construction stuff in his garage for a hobby!

My family has been living here for almost 20 years, we’re very chill with our neighbors’ loud and noisy hobbies normally.

Long story short, my mom confronted the lawn mower guy one morning and asked him if she’s ever talked to him before, and he told her no.

Lying Sally saw this and ran out of the house to confront my mom.

She screams, “Why are you talking to him for!?” and so my mom replies, “Because you’re a lying b****”.

And so that’s the gist of it. I don’t know why Lying Sally even bothered lying about that.

At this point, we were convinced Lying Sally was a nutcase.

Why am I not surprised to read that the neighbors are intentionally trying to be a nuisance with their parking.

Strike #3: The Point Where I Finally Stepped In

For the past month, my neighbors have stooped to a new low by hogging all of the parking space in front of our house whenever they get the opportunity.

My family has 3 cars: two usually sit in our driveway and the third is parked curbside in front of our house.

My neighbors have 2 cars, both of which they park alongside the curb in front of both of our houses (the curb our houses share is only big enough for 2 cars).

They’ve STOPPED using their driveway entirely just to park their 2 cars on the curb, which forces us to park our third car further down the street.

It’s not a big deal, but what they were doing was petty… so my parents became petty too.

The moment they would move their cars to go to work, my parents would move our third car back into its spot on our half of the curb.

This went on for almost an entire year until at some point an unspoken truce was made and they stopped their petty scheme.

Oops. Well, at least she admits that she made this mistake.

Things returned back to normal, until I accidentally messed it up.

In my defense, I was driving home with the third car late at night, it’s dark, I accidentally back up way too far and park the car smack dab in the middle of the curb, so my car is literally in the middle between our houses.

I’m tired from working all day so I don’t think much of it since our neighbor still has a whole entire driveway to themselves (trust me, their driveway is just like ours, it is made to fit 2 cars).

The next morning, I wake up to the sound of my parents arguing downstairs.

Turns out, our neighbors have parked one of their cars on their driveway and the other one is parked in front of our third car on our side of the curb.


The problem with this is that if we tried to back out the car (the one closest to their car) in our driveway, we might hit their car and I’m pretty sure that was the purpose.

I was DONE with their games.

So I marched over next door and rang their doorbell.

The husband, we’ll call him Pig for this story, opens the door and he’s recording me as if I’m going to attack him.

Which is ridiculous, I’m 5’2″ and he’s close to 6’0″, if anything I should be the scared one.

I’m sure the guy is going to be calm and rational, right?

The conversation goes like this:

Me: “Is it okay if you can move your car?”

Pig: “No, the police told me I can park anywhere I want because it’s a public road and they even told me I can record you.”

Me: “I don’t even care about you recording me, I just need you to move your car. You have an entire driveway to yourself. It’s just common courtesy to not block your neighbors car into their driveway.”

Pig: “You guys can still get out. It’s not that bad.”

Me: “Uh yeah, but we just don’t want to hit your car by accident while backing out.”

Pig: “Is that a threat?”

Me: “Uhhhhh, no. I’m just saying that we don’t want to pay for the damage of your car because you didn’t want to move it. And I can’t guarantee that we won’t hit it. It’s pretty dang close.”

Pig: “I don’t care! I shouldn’t have to move my car! YOU MOVE YOUR CAR!”

I realized I wasn’t going to get anywhere, so I let him slam the door in my face and I walked away.

I went back inside my house and got on my laptop to make sure that, yes, it is indeed illegal to park in front of someone’s driveway, even partially!

So my neighbor DOES have to move, by law.

HOWEVER, I wanted to be petty. SO I MOVED MY CAR.

She is being petty. But can’t say that I blame her.

I grabbed my car keys and CAREFULLY backed up the car (again, the one closest to his poorly parked car) so that the back half is INCHES away from the front of Pig’s car.

So my car is now blocking Pig’s car from pulling out into the street and leaving.

My car is also blocking the sidewalk (which I know is illegal, but I already had this planned out).

Basically, I caged in his car and held it hostage. For a couple days.

Either Pig or Lying Sally would have to come and apologize to make me move the car (which I knew was VERY unlikely) OR…

It’s the best when the neighbor thinks he has won, only to have the police force him to move too.

Part #4: Victory

Sure enough, as I predicted, Pig called the cops a few days later and reported my car.

His face was so smug as the Officer told me that I can’t legally box in someone’s car like that and block the sidewalk with my vehicle.

I told the officer that I understood and that I’ll move my car, BUT, I immediately pointed out that it’s illegal to partially block the entrance point to someone’s driveway as well and that Pig’s car is crossing that line by over 2 feet.

The smile on Pig’s face vanishes and his face turns red while the Officer tells him that he’s going to have to move his car as well.

So I back up my car and I’m grinning like a cat who’s caught its prey, while Pig has to move his car into his driveway.

I also made sure to move our third car back into its rightful spot as well.

While the neighbors are obviously at fault for a lot of this, I do have to admit that she might have fanned the flames a bit to make things worse.

Sure, being petty can feel good at the time, it usually isn’t worth the backlash it causes.

Let’s see what other Redditors had to say.

LOL – Now this is the type of revenge I can get behind.

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It is sad how often neighbors become enemies.

Source: Reddit/MaliciousCompliance

Yup, let the proper authorities handle this type of thing. Don’t be petty.

Source: Reddit/MaliciousCompliance

Yeah, calling the cops on a neighbor is a sure fire way to get them to hate you.

Source: Reddit/MaliciousCompliance

This would have been faster, easier, and much more satisfying.

Source: Reddit/MaliciousCompliance

Stop being petty and act like neighbors!

I guess being mature is less fun.

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