June 27, 2024 at 12:47 am

Her Neighbor Did Her A “Favor” By Flaunting Her Wealth, So This Single Mother Repaid Her Kindness By Calling Her Mean and Materialistic

by Sarrah Murtaza

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pexels/ Gustavo Fring

Sometimes staying out of someone’s business is the biggest favor you can do to them.

This is the story of a single mother who has been struggling financially and doesn’t like seeing her neighbor with money spoiling her kids.

So, because of her self-pity and jealousy, she goes ahead and makes things worse between her and the neighbor – which isn’t going to be good for anyone.

Check out what happened.

AITA for telling my neighbor she needs to stop with flaunting her money and spoiling her kids?

I have 4 kids and am a single mom who only gets $239 each month in child support.

My neighbor has 2 daughters with a husband whose a lawyer and she’s a nurse so her kids are spoiled rotten.

This lady keeps asking for favors..

When I caught wind of her taking his kids school shopping I asked if I could have a lift to the local walmart.

I didn’t want to waste money with having to take myself and the kids on the bus and she said sure.

We were dropped off at walmart and I told my kids they could get 1 special school item so my 2 daughters got sparkly mechanical pencils and my 1 son got a dinosaur notebook and my other son got colorful gel pens.

She did the best she could for her children..

There was frozen pizzas on sale and since we can’t afford to order pizza and only have frozen pizzas on occasion I said why not and bought one for dinner and then I got them some new school clothes.

When neighbor picked us up a few hours later her backseat and trunk were FILLED with garbage from Justice, Abercrombie, Staples etc plus they had To Go boxes.

The kids were flaunting things they had gotten.

Our kids were talking about what they got and her kids had gotten all high priced crap from these stores.

Her one daughter went “mommy got us steak for dinner at roadhouse” and my youngest said we had gotten a frozen pizza which broke my damn heart.

While I spent probably 75-100$ tops my neighbor probably spent hundreds on her kids.

On the way home the daughters were begging for McDonalds sundaes so neighbor pulls in the drive thru and asks me if my kids would like any.

She seems to be asking for an awful lot of favors.

I said yes, assuming she was paying but then she ordered SEPARATELY and asked for the money.

I forked the money over that was supposed to be for getting my hair done next week.

When we got home I took neighbor aside and told her that I don’t appreciate her rubbing her money in my kids’ faces.

Oh and the awkward part comes in..

I try to make their lives easy with the little things here and there but then she goes ahead and spoils her kids rotten RIGHT in front of my kids.

She told me she’s allowed to spend her money the way she sees fit with her children and I told her that her kids are spoiled and don’t need all that high priced crap.

Even afterwards, this lady doesn’t feel guilty but just that she can’t ask for more favors.

She hasn’t spoken to me since and I have struggled since I used to rely on favors from her and it’s starting to drive me insane.

Am I the a****** for calling out her materialistic ways?

Yikes! This woman sounds pretty bitter!

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People in the comments had no mercy on her.

She learned her lesson the hard way!