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Her Neighbors Ran A Daycare And Went Ballistic Over A Parking Space, So She Called Their Bluff And It Cost Them Their House And Business

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Unsplash/@neonbrand

If someone dares you to call the police, they usually don’t mean it.

It’s typically an empty threat uttered by someone who thinks they’re a big shot.

The person who said that phrase in this Reddit story actually believed they had some pull and that they were a big shot, but it blew up in their face.

Read on to see what happened!

Call the police? Sure!

“In our mid twenties my husband & I purchased and moved into our rather modest first house with our infant daughter.

I may a big effort to meet & befriend our neighbours and all of them warned me to be careful of one particular person ‘Jane’.

Jane…didn’t sound great…

Jane had lived in the street for 3 years at this point and had earned herself the nickname “BigFatJane” as she was manipulating, intimidating and thoroughly awful.

Jane ran a daycare from her house, but neighbours on both side reported hearing her scream at the children and leave them unsupervised in the garden.

It’s important to note that Jane’s partner is a police officer, the neighbours were scared of retaliation if they reported her or stood up to her. It seemed Jane would use this to get away with her horrific behaviour.

Our house had a driveway with a dropped curb big enough for 1 car but we could fit both if you blocked in the first and only used the second car.

Parking on the street was very limited and we had double yellow lines outside our house (not allowed to stop/park there).

During some essential roof work our driveway was taken up by scaffolding and a skip so we parked in the street & my husband parked outside BFJ’s house.

Here it comes…

The next day when he went to his car BFJ came running down her path shouting at him.

She screamed about his “anti social parking, that his car would be towed and that he could expect it to be scratched up if he left it there any longer”.

My husband calmly explained it was a public road and she had no right to police the space.

Her screeches at this point were loud enough that I (and several neighbour heard) and came to see the commotion.

Her partner was perched at the door during all of this, saying and doing nothing.

What a psycho!

When she saw me on pavement with our daughter she pointed and screamed “You’ll have the Social on you if you don’t **** off! I’ll scratch you right up!”

At this point I told my husband to come back and we were calling the police.

She responded “Call the police! I dare you! He’s (pointing at her partner) A police man! He’ll sort You out! You won’t know What hit you!”

At this point my husband looked at her husband and said “is that right? And you’re agreeing with what she’s said!”

The partner nodded and said “You need to Move or accept the consequences, you call the police, it won’t get you anywhere!”

It was GO time.

Funnily when I then took out my phone and dialed the non police emergency number (on speakerphone) and made a police report both of them Looked a lot Less confident. BFJ stood there open mouthed then grabbed her partner and slammed the door. And we haven’t heard from her since!

Her partner was placed on suspension due to the allegation, and further allegations from our neighbours. He then returned to an admin role.

After our confrontation BFJ was given a warning for a public order offence. However, due to a number of reports her daycare closed and she is no longer able to mind children.

Their house is up for sale, however as she made a number of modifications without proper planning or works people it’s price is significantly lower than they expected and they’re in negative equity.

All because of a parking space!”

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Talk about a couple of busybodies!

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