June 28, 2024 at 7:17 am

Her Nephew Made A Strange Lunch Request, So She Made It For Him. He Didn’t Like It, And Now His Mom Is Upset.

by Abby Jamison

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pexels/OleksandrPKids can cause serious headaches, even when they’re not yours!

This aunt was feeding her nephew lunch when he made a questionable choice.

She made he stick to his decision, and now his mom is upset.

Let’s get the full story…

AITA for making my ‘nephew’ eat food he ruined?

He (11M) is the child of my friend, I refer to him as my nephew because he calls me Auntie.

He was at my house and I made some houmous (also known as hummus). He asked if he could put some Worcestershire sauce on his.

I asked if that’s something he’s had on it before, he replied no, I offered to give him a small portion to try it first, he insisted he likes it and wants it.

She listened to him…

I told him that in that case, even if he didn’t like it, I expected him to eat it all.

Surprise, Worcestershire sauce and houmous is not a winning combination.

He wanted to leave it and have me make him something else, I reminded him that I expected him to eat it after he was so insistent on having it.

I conceded I couldn’t force him to eat it but I wouldn’t be making something else.

This didn’t sit well with the mom…

I’m now the most horrible aunt ever and my friend is angry that I let her son ‘starve’ (this was lunchtime, she was picking him up at 5.30pm to return home, he wasn’t going to waste away).

I don’t honestly think I’m wrong here but maybe I am?

Let’s see what the comments think…

This person agrees, but has some questions.

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Another Reddit user thinks the child is old enough to know better.

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This commenter thinks this is a great lesson.

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And this user thinks everyone is in the wrong!

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This seems like a great lesson for both the nephew and the aunt!

But maybe no one actually learned anything at all.

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