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Her New Husband Was Set To Adopt Her Child With Her Ex’s Blessing, But Her Ex-MIL Is Mad No One Told Her

by Abby Jamison

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pexels/PavelDanilyuk Sometimes, it’s not about who the biological parents are, it’s about the parents who step up.

This woman’s ex-husband agreed to let her new husband adopt their child.

But now, her ex-MIL is upset that she wasn’t informed.

Here’s the full story…

AITA for not telling my Ex-MIL that my husband is adopting my child?

AITA for not telling my Ex-MIL that my husband is adopting my child?

Backstory: My ex-husband/father of my child (m26) and I (f25) got divorced in 2021.

Since then I’ve had to beg, plead, and force any kind of contact between my child and bio father.

When our divorce finalized bio father was always too busy or never responded to my texts/calls to try and let him see my child.

This did change recently when he got a new very sweet gf (f25).

My husband (m38) and I got together after my separation from ex-husband started and is very involved in my child’s life.

Things have been good…

For the last 3 years that we have been together/married, he spends more time with my child then my ex has ever done without me even asking.

Recently my ex approached my husband and I and asked if my husband would adopt my child so he could get out of CS.

My husband and I are overjoyed to start the process because we truly think it will benefit my child.

About 2 months into getting the attorney, paperwork and funds together, my ex-MIL found out and seemed upset.

I understand this is very hard for everyone involved, but this was her son’s idea.

She had her reasons, too…

Side note: When ex-husband was refusing to make time for my child she would sneak my child over to see him and not inform me.

She then would lie to my face when I found out and raised concerns that the court order dictated that I was to have knowledge of all visitations and communications due to safety concerns during our divorce.

We are still going through with the adoption, but I’m afraid she will try and talk my ex into trying to fight it…. AITA or selfish in this?

My child’s wellbeing is all I’m trying to protect.

Let’s get into the comments…

This Reddit user suggests to do the adoption, and quick!

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While this commenter thinks the whole situation is a little sketchy.

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Other commenters had some sympathy for the MIL, too.

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But overall, everyone agreed OP is not the AH!

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Actions speak louder than words, and this MIL needs to see that her son made this decision.

Everyone needs to focus on what’s best for the kid.

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