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Her Next Door Neighbors Signed For Her Flowers And Kept Them Until They’d Wilted. So She’s Hanging Onto Their Misdelivered Package For The Foreseeable Future.

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

Man, some people can be so rude

And they can also be so darn petty!

So, what’s a person to do when they’re treated that way?

Take a look at what this woman did!

It might give you some ideas!

Played the long game for petty revenge.

“My neighbours are not nice people.

To give you an example, they had their leaf bags sitting on their curb, which resulted in other inconsiderate people in the neighbourhood putting their bags of dog poop in their leaf bags.

I get that it’s super annoying, but the neighbour “Jacques” didn’t like it and just dumped the bags of poop onto the street. I didn’t see it happen, another neighbour told me after the fact, but it was a windy day and the next day there were about 50 bags of dog poop blowing on my lawn.

How do you like it?

My husband and I were annoyed and cleaned up the bags and put them in our own garbage.

Jacques emptied his leaf bags again when they filled up.

So we tried to make a point and gathered all the bags of dog poop up and put them in his driveway.

He promptly put them on the street, even though he knew we were (albeit passively aggressively) sending a message.

We then finally went to his house to talk to he and his wife about it, he responded “it’s not my ****” and shrugged.

However he stopped emptying the bags on the road.

Here we go again…

Fast forward to a year later and they get their own puppy. Instead of having the puppy pee on their own lawn, they head out their front door and walk onto my lawn.

Not on the edge of my lawn. They have an extendable leash and the dog goes right on up to the middle of ours.

They have a huge front lawn, so it’s not an issue of space, they just don’t want the mess on their lawn.

The whole family has obviously discussed this strategy because Jacques brings the dog over, as does his mean wife and their son does it too.

After the dog is done it’s business they walk back to their house and go inside.

I’ve now caught them multiple times so I finally put a “please do not walk on grass” sign on my lawn in an effort to politely say stop it.

It has slowed down but doesn’t stop.

But while these are some annoying examples, the one thing that has bugged me the most was what happened about 10 years ago.

I received a huge bouquet of flowers on my birthday from a friend who lives out of town.

Where’d they go…?

I didn’t get the flowers on my birthday.

Instead, over a week later the neighbours’ cleaning lady came over and rang my bell holding a big bouquet, I could barely see her head through the flowers.

At this point, they were all wilted and pretty much gone. I was so upset.

The neighbours had been home that entire time and just let them sit there in their house until the cleaning lady came and brought them over.

There was a card that clearly said my name. They were just being jerks.

Now it’s revenge time.

Anyway, the tables have now turned (laughing maniacally).

It has taken over 10 years, but revenge shall be mine. Because about a week ago a package came in the mail and was delivered to my house.

It is for THEM.


I was about to open it when I saw it wasn’t for me. And now, I am sitting and looking at it wondering when I give it back to them.

What’s inside?

I do not know. I hope it’s something they’ve been anxiously waiting for. This is petty level 1000 and I can’t tell you the high.”

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Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

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Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

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Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

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Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

Two can play at that game!

The thing is, no one really wins in the end.

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