June 25, 2024 at 11:45 pm

Her “Nightmare” Daughter Was Told To Go Away By Her Neighbor, So She Told Her Off… But Many Think Her Daughter Is Actually Awful

by Melissa Triebwasser

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Getting along with the neighbors can be a source of stress for some.

Especially when there’s a child involved.

The story you’re about to read is an extreme example of what happens when good neighbors go bad.

AITA for calling out my neighbor what she said to my kid?

She’s normally a pretty chill woman, she’s a writer and works from home and she’s nice enough to drop my trash off every now and again.

She’s in her early 20s and used to watch my daughter Sam, her name is actually Sam it’s important you know this.

But her daughter has some problems…

My daughter has behavioral issues and I did warn my neighbor but she said she’d do her best. My daughter struck such a nerve in this woman and I felt awful.

Sam’s shenanigans aren’t limited to the house unfortunately, she’ll rip up grass on other people’s lawns and create mess on the sidewalk and she’s loud at night and in a small cul-de-sac of 3 houses not too far from each other, you’re gonna hear her.

Sounds like conflict isn’t unfamiliar on this street.

Recently my neighbor had her niece over and of course my daughter wants to play and meet her and she walks herself over, she wasn’t out by herself my oldest was watching her from the porch.

Anyways from what my daughter and neighbor both explained, I gathered my daughter walked over, introduced herself and was asked to hike it back over to our house. Fair enough, can’t win em all.

But Sam asks why and my neighbor says it’s cause she doesn’t want her over there and my daughter asks why and I **** you not this woman looks my daughter in her face and says “I don’t like you Sam I am” and my daughter gets crushed by this.

Using Dr. Seuss to insult a child is a bold choice, let’s see how it works out.

I of course took issue when I heard because what grown adult says this **** to a KID?

I marched over and kindly asked she apologize but she told me my kid sucks and wasn’t welcome. Sure whatever, but did you have to tell my kid you don’t like her??

I called her an *** and she called me one right back because my daughter is a nightmare and I shouldn’t expect people to tolerate her.

But she wasn’t done with her response… or her vengeance.

I told some other moms in the area and a few have decided not to allow her to babysit for them again.

Apparently Sam deserved it cause she is a nuisance according to my MIL and her kids and I had no right to yell at her about it.

My sister and my mom and dad think that was just too harsh for her and she needs to apologize.

AITA for calling her out?

You can be sure that folks had thoughts on this one. Let’s see what Reddit posters had to say.

First, one person provides some additional context, that the author had elected to bury in the comments.

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A broken computer sure changes the equation, doesn’t it?

This person gave some insight as to why using a Dr. Seuss quote might have actually been appropriate.

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Most people tend to agree that the child needs help, and the parent should be taking more accountability.

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Even Dr. Seuss chimed in… or at least a pretty good impersonator.

Source: Reddit/AITA

This child needs some serious help.

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