June 26, 2024 at 5:12 pm

Her Old House Needed Repair, But Her Housemates Didn’t Care. She Reported Them To Mosquito Control To Get The Issue Fixed.

by Sarrah Murtaza

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

When people don’t understand things after a simple discussion, sometimes you have to teach them with a twist!

Or sometimes, with the help of the proper authorities.

This girl did all she could to manage her dysfunctional house until she was forced to leave.

But she left behind a surprise for her old housemates who wouldn’t care.

Let’s checkout what happened.

Contacted center for mosquitoes control after fall out with old housemates

There’s a long story that is the actual fall out between my old housemate/landlord, but it’s not super important for the revenge part.

Long story short, I had to move on very short notice.

She had to make some arrangements..

I lived in a shared house situation, that wasn’t exactly a legal rental, and I was not about to fight to stay in a place where I was not wanted.

I packed up no problem, had some friends who also used to also be friends with my housemate/landlord before they got crazy come help move the big stuff, and had a few good laughs while doing it.

Things were fine until they got gross..

Now the revenge part, the house I used to live in was nice, once upon a time, but had fallen into serious disrepair after said friend came into ownership of the property.

It was really gross to be honest, and I was constantly cleaning messes that were not mine, and just trying to avoid anything I couldn’t actually clean/fix.

But that wasn’t it..

The issues continued outside, where there had been 2 functional water features, a pool and hot tub, that all worked properly when the house was purchased, but had slowly broke and become disgusting and full of stagnant water.

Then she did what she had to.

After moving out, I went online to my county’s website for mosquito control, and wrote a letter, from the perspective of their next door neighbor, who I knew could see the gross pool from her deck and reported all the stagnant water and broken water features.

The results?

A few weeks later, I was driving past the house, and low and behold the front water feature was running!

And the lawn was mowed for the first time in who knows how long, and there was no trash on the lawn/driveway.

It was incredibly satisfying to know they were made to fix the issues by the town, because they couldn’t have cared less about the upkeep while I lived there.

The problem was grave!

A side note, the front water feature was very much surrounded by poison ivy, you would have had to fight through it and probably remove it all to fix the mechanism.

Sweet petty revenge.

She left but made sure things wouldn’t be stagnant behind her!

Let’s check out what folks on Reddit commented about this little revenge.

This person adores the revenge.

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This person has a joke to crack.

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This person loves the idea!

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Ew?! Not anymore!

The problem got fixed with a tiny complaint.

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