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Her Parents Expect Her To Be Close To Her Step Sister, But They Don’t Have A Relationship Because She Won’t Put Any Effort In Either

by Abby Jamison

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It’s always a little complicated when families combine and you end up with step siblings.

For this girl, she’s struggling with her parents and her new step sister. She’s not as close with her new sibling, and he parents are angry at her, but there’s more to the story.

Let’s dive in…

AITA for telling my dad and his wife I don’t know what her daughter is into?

My dad got married 3 years ago to Josie. My sisters (15f and 13f) and I live with full time because our mom died.

I (17m) kind of stepped up because dad was never the most involved parent and after mom died he still wasn’t great with parenting stuff.

He got married again 4 years after mom died. Josie and her daughter (15f) moved in with us.

This is where the conflict starts…

So Josie is basically the same as dad. Not that involved. Actually, she seems less involved than my dad.

But what I didn’t know is she expected me to take on her daughter as a sister and be there for her like I am my sisters which didn’t happen.

I don’t hate her but I see Josie’s daughter as someone I’m in a forced roommate situation with. Not family. I see Josie the same way.

I don’t do stuff for Josie’s daughter like I do my sisters. Sometimes I’ll buy them something I know they’ll like as a treat. Normally one at a time since I’m only working weekends.

My dad and Josie never checked on her daughter or that we’d all gotten close. Then Josie got a call from the school that her daughter was being bullied and going through a rough time.

This lead to a conversation…

Josie decided to spoil her daughter and asked me what stuff her daughter liked/was into. I didn’t know and I told her.

She called dad in and she asked me again and I said I didn’t know, I don’t spend time with her daughter.

They brought up the stuff I do for my sisters and I said yeah, I do them for my sisters, not the random girl who lives with us.

I said I don’t do stuff for either of them, meaning dad or Josie, either. J

osie freaked out and said I was supposed to treat them all the same and she asked me why I hadn’t taken her daughter on as my sister.

I said because I already had two and didn’t need to worry about anyone else. I said they were the adults and they didn’t make a family, they just thought they could get me to basically adopt Josie’s daughter.

Now everyone’s mad…

Josie called me names, dad was like why wouldn’t you embrace the girl, we really thought you’d do everything to make sure she felt wanted. I told them it wasn’t my job.

Josie still doesn’t know what her daughter likes and I’m getting glared at every day now. AITA?

Let’s dive into the comments…

This Reddit user thinks Josie is totally entitled.

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This person agrees, but thinks OP should have some sympathy.

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Another commenter also feels and for the other girl.

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While this person fully agrees, NTA!

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I think everyone can agree on this one… these parents suck!

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