June 20, 2024 at 1:15 am

Her Parents Want Her To Babysit For Free To “Earn Her Keep,” But She’s Wondering Why That Logic Never Applied To Her Older Sister

by Trisha Leigh

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Sibling relationships can be complicated, but for many people, they’re some of the most treasured relationships of their lives.

Weirdly, it’s sometimes parental actions that work to tear those relationships apart instead of helping them with closer bonds.

One of the ways that happens is expecting the older kids to help out for free – like with babysitting.

And this second-to-oldest wants to know why they only expect her to earn her keep.

AITA for being a smarta** and asking my mom and stepdad why my older step sister and younger half siblings don’t need to earn their keep?

I just turned 14 and no longer require a babysitter to stay home with me and my little brother and sister (5/7).

I have a step sister that never once babysat us.she is 20 and off for the summer. She isn’t working and her dad is paying for her to go to Europe for two weeks.

She doesn’t mind babysitting, but would like to get paid.

My mom and dad are making me babysit now. Which I do not have a problem with. I even took the babysitting course.

But they won’t pay me.

They said it’s my job as a big sister. My step dad even said it’s how I earn my keep.

And wants to know why she’s the only kid who has to “earn her keep.”

I asked why Danielle never had to babysit us? And how the littles are going to earn their keep since I know they won’t be having more kids.

I actually know why Danielle didn’t have to babysit. They tried and she called her mom to come get her. It was a huge fight.

In response to their blowing her off, she’s a bad babysitter.

So I have just made sure the littles are safe and not much more. I don’t help them with homework or keep them away from screens. Last weekend I let them watch infinity war with me.

I got in trouble for not being responsible and doing a bad job. I said people with jobs got paid.

They said I had to do it properly or I would be in trouble.

I said that they could always just pay our old babysitter and leave me out of it.

So, she won but no one is happy.

They decided to pay me but they aren’t happy. My dad set up an account for me and I put my money in there.

My mom said I’m causing problems where there don’t need to be any. She says her husband supports us.

I said I would do it for free if she gave me all the child support my dad pays. That didn’t go over well.

I don’t think I’m wrong but maybe I just don’t understand their view.

Is there another point-of-view?

Let’s find out if Reddit has one for her!

This mom doesn’t think she’s out of line at all.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Just what exactly are they trying to teach her?

Source: Reddit/AITA

They’re wondering if she might have an out.

Source: Reddit/AITA

She doesn’t owe her parents anything.

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The bottom line is that it’s not her job.

Source: Reddit/AITA

I hope things smooth out for this kid.

And that she can save up her money for something good!

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