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Her Sister Demanded That She Dye Her Hair Brown For Her Wedding, But She Refused And It Is Causing Family Drama

by Michael Levanduski

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A wedding is one of the most important events in many people’s lives.

It is not surprising that everyone wants their big day to be absolutely perfect.

Some women, however, really earn the nickname “Bridezilla” because of how controlling they can get.

In this story, OP’s sister demanded that she dye her hair a different color for her wedding, which (not surprisingly) is causing some issues.

Check it out and see whose side you are on.

AITA for telling my sister I won’t change my hair color for her wedding?

My younger sister (28f) is getting married, we just went out of town to watch her wedding dress shop (she did find the dress and say yes 🥰).

We went out for drinks after to celebrate, and the conversation of my (33f) light lilac purple hair came up. I get a lot of compliments when I’m out, and I think she was already a little irritated that every wedding place loved my hair.

This sister clearly just expects everyone to comply with her every whim for her wedding.

Anyways, she said, “I plan on asking you to be a bridesmaid in my wedding, but you can’t have purple hair. You’ll need to dye it brown.”

This seems reasonable to me, why should she dye her hair for one day?

My response was, “I worked really hard to achieve this color as it’s been my dream hair color for a very long time, and that I’m not dying it for one day.”

OP is really going above and beyond to make this work (not to mention, providing the cake!).

I also told her that it won’t hurt my feelings to not stand up there with her and her million friends, especially considering I’m making her wedding cake and was already planning on finishing the decorations the day of her wedding.

I told her I’d have to scramble to finish her cake and get in for hair and makeup, and that I’m happy just sitting it out and making sure her cake is perfect.

Of course, sister has to have it exactly her way.

She snapped back with, “your my sister and I want you up there, it won’t hurt you to dye it brown for a day. I love your hair but it’s my day and I want all the attention on me not your hair.”

I simply responded back with I still stand by my decision to sit this one out, and she just said well we have a year to discuss it.

There is absolutely nothing to discuss.

I’m not dying my hair brown for a wedding. Therefore, I simply won’t be in my sisters wedding.

I am not letting everyone’s opinions and guilts make me change my hair for her big day.


I have no issue that the sister asked OP to change her hair color.

My issue is that she demanded it, and then is not accepting no for an answer.

She needs to keep in mind that it is her big day and everyone will be looking at her, not her sister’s hair.

In my opinion, OP is NOT the AH.

I wonder what other Redditors have to say.

Well put! She can control her bridal party, but not their hair.

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Some people just want to control everything.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Yeah, this isn’t really about the hair. It is about control

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There is no reason not to have the sister back out and focus on the cake.

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Agreed. This type of behavior is unacceptable no matter the day.

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Not EVERYTHING is about you, even on your wedding day.

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