June 24, 2024 at 2:12 am

Her Sister-In-Law Wants To Stay With Her Kids At Her House For Six Months, But When She Says No Things Get Really Tense

by Ashley Ashbee

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It’s hard to turn family down when they ask for help, but sometimes it’s just not possible.

And sometimes people ask for unreasonable things.

Check out what her sister-in-law asked her to do and why she said no.

AITA for not letting my sister-in-law’s family stay with me after she gives birth?

My brother and his wife are expecting their first child this summer.

My sister-in-law is from a different country.

Being pregnant at home is hard enough. She’s going through a great deal.

Her first trimester was not easy and I know that she misses her family a lot.

Her parents are planning to stay with them for a year when the baby is born.

She recently asked if her sister and her sister’s family (husband and two children under the age of 6) could also come out with her parents and stay with me because they won’t all fit at their house.

But she wants them to stay for 6 months.

OP proposes an alternative, but it just upsets her sister-in-law.

I asked if maybe they could do 2-3 weeks or even a month but she wasn’t happy about that at all.

She really wants her sister to be here to help too.

AITA for thinking that this is unreasonable and feeling imposed upon?

Her family would not be able to drive and I live 30 minutes away from my brother.

I also work so I wouldn’t be able to drive them to see her every day and I don’t think my brother will have time to pick them up every day.

Let’s check out the comments.

Two to three weeks is so generous! I have a small family and I don’t get this.

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I found this one a bit offensive. In the west, we don’t see how good we have it. Don’t judge.

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This sounds like a great solution.

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Hmm. I’m not so sure. Maybe this kind of thing is normal in her culture.

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I second this. I love being alone.

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Why do people feel guilty when they’ve done nothing wrong?

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