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Her Sister Was Late For Dinner Yet Again, So She Decided To Bail On Her. Now Sis Is Blaming Her Baby For Her Tardiness.

by Matthew Gilligan

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Do you have someone in your life who simply can’t be on time no matter how much advance notice you give them?

It’s infuriating!

And sometimes, you just have to put your foot down and teach folks like that a lesson.

That’s what this woman did with her sister and now she wants to know if she acted like a jerk.

Let’s see what happened!

AITA for leaving dinner because my sister was late… again?

“I (27F) had plans to go out to dinner with my sister (30F) as we do every month.

She lives in my hometown and I live in the next state over with my BF, we’re about 35 mins to an hour apart depending on traffic. We agreed to meet closer to hometown with my mom.

There’s a big problem.

One thing about her, she is always late.

I expect she’ll always be at least 30 mins late but it’s been up to a few hours.

And not just random plans, weddings and graduations too.

It’s been brought up in the past by mom and I but she always brushes it off and gets upset.

My BF drove me over, I can’t drive and he offered to drop me before he had to head out for plans of his own near home and come back when he was done.

I assumed after dinner we would just hang out at her house either way.

Get to the place and start calling my sister (she usually doesn’t say if she’s gonna be late, but if my mom is with her she does, and I hadn’t heard anything).

I get mom a few mins later and she says they’re behind because it took awhile to get my nephew who’s almost one years old ready and my sister got in the shower later than expected.


I didn’t even know my nephew was coming and she usually tells me if he is. Her husband was apparently there to let mom in when she showed up but went back to sleep as soon as she got there. Not sure why he couldn’t help get baby ready, but that’s none of my business.

I check Maps and it says 35 mins, adding in getting baby strapped and secure and then putting him in either the stroller or front carrier on her body, I was looking at 40 mins. To top it off we had reservations (SHE made the reservation, not me).

I had never been to this place and didn’t know if it was one of those places that don’t let you have the table if your whole group isn’t there. There was really no space to wait inside and I’d have to stand outside.

Anyway I didn’t feel like sitting alone for 40 mins even if I could.

How rude!

She doesn’t keep her friends waiting this long when they make plans, I don’t get why it’s okay to do this to me and mom.

I’m speaking to mom as they’re trying to change the reservation online, at that point I was fed up.

If we agree to be there at a certain time, be there. 5 or 10 mins late is fine but not this. I told mom I was going back home, I didn’t feel like fuming at the table and acting like I wasn’t mad when they got there (as I’d done before). She sounded hurt and mad but said fine and that she would go home too.

Since then I haven’t spoken to my sister (it’s been a few weeks) and mom doesn’t want to get in the middle, but I told her I wasn’t speaking to her until I get an apology.

Mom told her she can’t keep doing this on their ride back home and agrees it’s an issue, but won’t say much else.

It’s ridiculous to just always be late because you’re bad at time management.

She also wants to use the “it takes long to get a baby ready” excuse which I would accept if it wasn’t for the fact that this has been a problem long before my nephew was born or even a thought.


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Be on time, folks…

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