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Her Son And His Fiance Didn’t Want The Flowers She Made For The Wedding, So She Gave Them To Her Daughter Instead And They Got Livid

by Heide Lazaro

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pexels/Pixabay

Flowers make any event more beautiful and elegant.

When this couple decided they wouldn’t use the flowers that their mom made for their wedding, she gave them away to her daughter for her baby shower instead.

Find out how the couple took the situation.

AITA for giving the flowers I made for my sons and DIL wedding to my own daughters baby shower

My son’s and DIL’s wedding is at the end of June.

Originally, they were tight on money, and were upset over the price of flowers.

It wasn’t in their budget, and they had a very specific image.

I looked at prices for what they wanted, and it was out of my own budget.

Instead, they opted for faux flowers.

I instead offered to do what they wanted with fake flowers.

They agreed, and sent over images for me to use. I have spent over $500 buying all the stuff and my own time.

They turned out great in my opinion.

But then, their plans changed.

I got a call about two week ago, that they won’t need them anymore and that they have the money to have real flowers. That they already booked it.

So in short, all my time was for nothing.

Not to waste the fake flowers, she gave them away.

My daughter was overjoyed and commented how cute the flowers were. She asked if I could make her some for her baby shower.

I explained what happened and told her she can have them.

Her baby shower was over the weekend, and she used the flowers on the tables. It was a nice event.

Apparently, the couple wasn’t happy that someone else used their flower design.

After my son and DIL came, we got into an argument.

They think I am a jerk for using their flowers for someone else’s event, and now, everyone will think they copied my daughter for their wedding.

My point was I can give them away to whoever, and I don’t think it is a big deal since they were used.

That instead of me throwing them out, someone got to use them.


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It’s her money, time, and artistic skills.

She has the right to decide what to do with the flowers.

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