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Her Son Refused To Talk With Her Alone, So She Let Him Find Out About Her Diagnosis On Social Media

by Heide Lazaro

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Family relationships can be complicated, especially if in-laws are involved.

This mom was having a hard time communicating with her son because she didn’t have a good relationship with his wife.

Find out how she shared the news about her diagnosis when the son wouldn’t answer her calls.

AITA for letting my son find out my diagnosis over social media when he wouldn’t talk to me alone

This issue started a while ago.

My son married Becky. Becky and my daughter do not get along.

Looking in on it, personalities don’t mix well.

They frustrate each other a lot.

It seemed like Becky couldn’t follow simple instructions.

About a year ago, the family was having a BBQ, and Becky was asked to bring paper plates, so no one had to clean plates.

She brought plastic plates, so my daughter would need to wash them in order to give them back to Becky by the end of the night.

The BBQ was at her home.

Her daughter had a lot of complaints about Becky.

I think it was a breaking point for her, because she grabbed me and went inside.

She had a big rant were she was not pleasant about Becky. It was mostly about her not following instructions, and in her eyes, she was incompetent.

I told her to calm down, just enjoy the night, and I will do the dishes.

Apparently, Becky’s husband found out about these nasty comments about her.

A few days later, I got a call from my son, saying he will only communicate with me if Becky is there. So group chats, if she is on the phone with him, or in person.

He said he heard that we were talking crap about his wife, and this is what he is doing now.

Same thing with my daughter, he didn’t let me explain.

So from then on, we have been communicating that way.

It has been frustrating at times, and I don’t feel like I can talk to him about anything personally.

She had big news, but she felt like she couldn’t share it to her son.

This brings me to the main issue. I have breast cancer.

I informed the kids one by one about it.

I am not comfortable to explain my diagnosis with his wife in the room. We are not close, and I am very emotional about it.

So I texted him that we needed to talk alone, and he told me that anything I say, I can say in front of his wife.

I called him, but no answer, and me saying it was very important didn’t do anything.

Her son found out about the news on social media and got really frustrated.

My option was to tell him with an audience or not tell him and let him learn from someone else. I chose not to tell him.

I had my first appointment, and my daughter made a post on Instagram, wishing me luck and support.

He called me up, pissed that he found out about this on social media, and called me a jerk for not telling him.

My point was I did try and he wouldn’t listen to me.

Wow! That was some big family drama. Let’s see what the comments say.

This user shares a good point.

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This one’s short but straightforward.

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Yes, cancer is the AH. But there’s more, according to this user.

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Is the son the real AH?

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On the other hand, this user thinks there something wrong about posting the news on social media.

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At the end of the day, family is family, and nothing can’t be solved with open communication.

This one doesn’t seem to be headed in a good direction.

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