June 28, 2024 at 7:22 pm

Her Struggling Stepsister Wants Some Of The Money She Inherited, But She Shut Her Down Immediately

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit

Show me the money!

Or actually, GIVE ME THE MONEY.

That seems to be what this woman’s stepsister is asking of her, but she ain’t having it!

Is she being an *******?

Let’s take a look…

AITA for not sharing my inheritance with my stepsister?

“I 28f have just received a fairly large inheritance. It includes a farm with 80 acres of land with 2 seperate houses on it and just over over $750,000 in cash among other things from my grandparents.

My stepsister 32f and I have never been close. When my mum and step dad got together she made it quite clear that we aren’t family and she doesn’t like me or my mum.

Her stepsister is going through hard times.

She’s a single mum with 4 kids and is really struggling. Our country is in the middle of a housing crisis and a cost of living crisis and they have just been evicted from their rental property for non payment of rent.

They are currently living in one room at a pretty gross motel paid for by the government.

My husband and I already own a nice 3 bedroom unit and are fairly financially comfortable even without my inheritance due to alot of hard work on our part.

When my inheritance came through I gifted my mum and step dad the money to clear their mortgage so they now own their own home along with enough to go on their dream holiday.

You know what’s coming next…

As soon as my step sister found out about the inheritance she called me being all sweet and nice for about 5 minutes asking about my husband and 2 kids etc then asked when she would be getting her share of the money and when they could move into the largest house on the farm.

It took me about 5 seconds to start laughing before telling her that I’ll only be helping family. I hung up and blocked her.

That didn’t go over very well…

I’m now being called a selfish, spoiled brat by quite a few people. I feel as she has never treated us as anything but scum she doesn’t deserve anything.

I do feel bad for the kids and want to set up a small trust fund for each of them that they can only access when they turn 18.

For anyone wondering the inheritance came from my deceased dad’s parents who I’ve had little contact with and came as a huge suprise. I honestly know what it’s like to grow up with not alot

So AITA for leaving my stepsister homeless and broke?”

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This reader said she’s NTA.

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I don’t think that’s gonna happen…


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