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Her Vlogger Friend Broke Her Trust By Filming Her At Home, So She Deleted The Footage Without Permission

by Laura Ornella

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pexels/cottonbro studio

Now that social media is such a big part of everyone’s lives, it’s almost impossible to stay private unless you’re with trusted people.

But what happens when one woman explicitly asks her vlogger friend to keep her face and home out of the influencer’s footage?

Let’s read the Reddit post below to find out.

AITA for deleting my vlogger friend’s footage without her permission?

I invited my friends over for a housewarming to celebrate me moving into my dream home.

It’s a place I’ve been saving and working super hard for (something that all of my friends are aware of) and everyone was happy to come over and celebrate the milestone.

The issue is that one of my friends (“Suzy”) is a popular vlogger. She asked if she could film part of the party to include in her “day in the life” video.

It could be a cute gesture if everyone is on the same page with posting online.

I’m super private, so I said no at first, but Suzy promised she wouldn’t show anything personal and only wanted a couple scenes of my friends laughing together and footage of the food spread.

She also promised I wouldn’t be in the video.

I was still uncomfortable, but after she assured she wouldn’t overshare, I said fine.

That’s good that boundaries were communicated. It seems like everyone compromised well.

The day of, within 10 minutes of the party starting, a mutual friend pulled me aside and said that she saw Suzy filming her intro and mentioned giving a “house tour” of her friend’s new home.

She also said that she saw Suzy filming the outside of my home from top to bottom, and it would be easy to tell the neighborhood I lived in.

During the entirety of the party, I noticed that Suzy kept filming more than what she promised, so I did confront her about it.

I asked to see the footage, and Suzy said “no”, and acted super offended that I wouldn’t trust her.

I waited towards the end of the party, and when Suzy was in the bathroom before leaving, I decided to just go through her camera.

Uh oh, nothing good ever happens when going through someone’s belongings…

I was furious when I noticed that she filmed my whole home (even my bedroom and closet), and there were tons of clips where you could clearly see my face.

I’m not kidding when I say that the footage looked like one of those home tour videos that realtors post online.

I can admit that I was acting on impulse and my anger at this point, but I went ahead and just deleted all of the footage of the party.

Wow. An extremely bold move, but maybe Suzy knows she’s in the wrong for filming in the first place.

She found out shortly after when she went to shoot footage of everyone leaving, and confronted me. I did admit to doing it, and we had a bit of a row until I just kicked her out.

Most of my friends are understanding and “on my side”, but they did say that I shouldn’t have gone and deleted the footage myself.

I personally felt like I did the nice way of asking Suzy directly first, but she was being so obstinate that I had no choice.

The drama’s been spreading around now with mixed reactions, so I wanted another opinion in case I really was the AH.

This definitely seems like a grey area, and I’m sure the friends are just as split as the Redditors are.

Let’s see what they have to say.

One Redditor put it bluntly — this friend lied.

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Another user brought up an important safety issue to consider.

Source: Reddit/AITA

A Redditor also mentioned the reality of the situation.

Source: Reddit/AITA

A user also mentioned this situation brought clarity to this poster’s friendships.

Source: Reddit/AITAAt the end of the day, filming so inconsiderately violated this friend’s trust.

It’s always important to think about what we put out there.

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