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His Biological Mother Came Back Into His Life And Wants His Help With Her Kids, But He Refuses To Babysit Because He Doesn’t Owe Her Anything

by Matthew Gilligan

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Families are complicated, to say the least, and it can be a real burden to have to deal with family members who wear you down and WANT something from you.

Especially when they don’t necessarily deserve it…

Check out this young man’s story and see if you think he’s being harsh to his biological mother who now wants to be part of his life.

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AITA for refusing to babysit my biological mother’s children?

“My biological mother had me (19m) when she was 18. She ended up leaving me with my grandparents, who I consider my parents.

I saw her a few times in the 10 years after but then she moved out of state and didn’t come back for visits.

I believe a fight over me is why she didn’t return for visits because the last time she was visiting I was trying to engage with her and she ignored me.

It’s complicated…

My parents told her she couldn’t come to visit and act like I wasn’t there; because I was and if she couldn’t behave appropriately to a young child she had no business staying with us.

She moved back to the state 3 years ago. This time married with kids. She was very different after this and attempted to mother me after all that time and I shut it down with help from my parents.

Uh oh…

This ****** my biological mother off. She expected to be able to dictate to me like she was my parent and not a person who abandoned me and ignored me for years. The relationships did not go back to normal.

My parents refused to let my biological mother back into our home. My biological mother said they had other grandkids and I had siblings who should be in our lives.

They said it would be lovely if it were possible but they knew she would not be healthy for me and they refused to make our home uncomfortable for me when I had nobody else.

Not having it!

There were some attempts at making me get to know her kids (2 at the time) but I told my grandparents I wasn’t interested and they respected that and stood up for my right to say no.

Now I’m an adult and my biological mother is pushing harder for this. She went as far as asking me to babysit once a week so I can get to know the kids and I won’t have to deal with her if I’m so against her. I said no.

This lady has a few screws loose…

She showed up where I work to bring this up to me in person and didn’t respect my answer and my boss needed to ask her to leave. I’m lucky I have an amazing boss or she would have gotten me fired.

She sent a letter to our house saying I should be ashamed of refusing to spend time with the kids and I’d be paid for the babysitting and I am rejecting an amazing opportunity and have hurt her kids with my refusal.


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