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His Boss Asks Him To Take Off His Beanie And Remove His Piercing, So He Asks If They Want An Intrusive Search For Other Piercings

by Sarrah Murtaza

Source: Reddit/malicious compliance/pexels/Mental Health America (MHA)

Some work places would have the most absurd policies.

What’s annoying is that no one would talk against it to get things changed.

But this man took a stand and made a difference!

Let’s check out how he justified his piercings in a workplace that wouldn’t allow them!

Piercings not allowed

I (35m) used to work at a hardware store that rhymes with blows. About ten years ago I was a sales associate out on the floor.

This is where it begins..

One day I decided to get my industrials pierced because as I knew the policy, I noticed the front end and a few managers had piercings that did not fit in the policy so thought it was a bit lax.

After I got the piercings I got wrote up for not following policy.

He did his homework.

So I researched the policy and purchased a blows beanie so I could meet all dress codes while covering them up.

I still got wrote up and I started disputing with HR about it because they were covered and I was following policy even though they were ignoring policy on the front end and allowing them to have face piercings.

After a few weeks of fighting it ended up going to HR outside of the store.

Uh oh..

District HR calls me in for a meeting with a few store managers and the local HR.

HR and managers inform me that even though they are covered blows still has a no piercings above a certain amount, location, and size policy even though they can’t see them and I need to get rid of them because they say it’s a safety hazard.

And he begin planning..

In comes my compliance questions.

I ask how they know I’m wearing and breaking policy if they can not see them.

They say they have the right to ask me to take off beanie if they think I have them in and that they notice them in my ears when I’m walking into my shift.

I repeat with a slightly different question.

The conversation got heated up..

“So does that mean your going to make me whip my d**k out every shift to make sure I don’t have my c**k piercing in? Are you going to make everyone take off shirts to verify no one is wearing nipple piercings?”

HR started backtracking real fast. (I actually don’t have a c**k piercings or nipple piercings, but they didn’t know that).

After questioning the policy and arguing they couldn’t enforce what they couldn’t see without harassing people to fit their policy.

And the most awaited change!

HR ended up dropping all wright ups and two weeks later blows changed the piercing policy to allow more piercing options and dyed hair.

I like to think I helped with that policy change.

Hooray! He made some change with his firm stance against a policy that didn’t make any sense!

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Dress code or not, sometimes people just need to allow personal choices!

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