June 18, 2024 at 3:33 am

Boss Didn’t Choose The Right Way To Vote, So Employee Decided To Get Revenge By Using The Same Voting System Against His Boss

by Sarrah Murtaza

Source: Reddit/Maliciouscompliance/pexels/fauxels

Some bosses just won’t take a new opinion and that’s so annoying!

This guy shares his story where his boss would make everyone suffer for his choice.

So he figured turnabout was fair play.

Let’s see how he taught his boss a lesson!

My boss voted against Ranked Choice Voting. I decided to teach him why RCV matters in the only way I knew how.

In November, one of the voting tickets in Massachusetts was to begin using ranked choice voting.

The majority voted no.

He wanted to see if his workplace would be open to something like that.

We were talking about it once at work and one of my supervisors voted no, saying we shouldn’t get more than one choice.

In true r/maliciouscompliance fashion, I decided I was gonna teach him a lesson as to why it matters that we have more than one choice when the opportunity came up.

I’m the person that usually goes picks up lunch when we order out. And he ordered some empanadas from our local Hispanic convenience store.

Guess he has a plan..

Empanadas, that I did not bring.


When he questioned me why I didn’t bring him the empanadas, I told him that they didn’t have the kind he liked. (beef, but there was other kinds like chicken, etc.)

As predicted, he’s like “why didn’t you bring any of the other ones! I would have been okay with it!”

The supervisor must have not liked that!

And I’m like “well, you said we shouldn’t get more than one choice. What you want right THERE. Is a type of” rank choice”.

Now there’s a lesson the supervisor learned.

So given that you don’t think we should have more than one, I figured you wouldn’t want any other than the one you wanted.

And that’s the story on how I got in trouble for the next week and a half at work hahaha.

He got himself in trouble but at least he made a point!

No regrets with that!

Let’s see what the folks on Reddit think about his cleverness.

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That was some support from the commentators!

He shouldn’t give up his idea now!

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