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Power Hungry Boss Tells Employee To Never Contact The Company’s VPs, But When They Find Out… The Boss Gets Investigated And Terminated

by Ashley Ashbee

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One of the biggest threats to your success at work is bias from your boss.

It can be caused by many things: a personal vendetta, a bad mood, an agenda, etc.

This boss’s agenda was apparently fueled by his male gender – but check out this story to see how things turned out for him.

Boss tells me not to e-mail any of her bosses because only she can communicate with them

At the 6 month mark of my new job, a few colleagues told me to watch my back because I am a male and my boss has a reputation for making it difficult for men on her team.

She forbade me to email or talk on the phone with anyone that is above my pay grade as “That is not my place.”

She then tells me that ONLY SHE is allowed to email these people and that if an email needs to go to them, cc or not, SHE WILL send it.

The boss confirms she biased against men in a super hostile way.

Then she says, “I know you may be used to getting your way because you are a man but this doesn’t mean you can try to take my job.”

About a week goes by and I happen to run into a VP in the elevator and she talks about a project.

I tell my boss and she starts yelling and screaming and telling me that I am not to even talk with that VP or any VP about this project.

As I am leaving her office, says:

“I made a mistake in hiring you. I thought you were different but you are just as entitled as all the other men I’ve hired.”

I email my boss, tell her that the SVP requested to meet with me the next day and wanted to make her aware of the meeting.

She comes storming into my office and berates me for a good 20 minutes for talking with the SVP.

The door to his justice opens and it’s an elevator.

So, next day, I go to the meeting with the SVP. At that meeting are another 3 VPs.

The VP I ran into in the elevator states that she never got that email on cost overruns from me.

I explain that it would not come from me but would have come from my boss.

The VP asks why I wouldn’t send it.

I say that is not my place to send emails to VPs.

Then the SVP stops everyone from talking and says “What did you just say?”

I explain my boss’s policy

Things will be different from now on.

The next day the department VP comes to my office and tells me that as of that day, my department and I am no longer reporting to my boss but I was now reporting directly to her.

I also was explicitly told that I was free to now communicate with ANY other VPs or SVPs of the organization as I saw fit.

She then apologized for the experience I had with my boss and said my boss was forbidden to execute orders to them on her own unless she has my prior approval.

My boss is eventually fired after an investigation.

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I don’t think so. She would wonder why used BCC.

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Exactly. I’m curious why she is like this.

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LOL trolling your boss… Why not

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