June 14, 2024 at 4:27 pm

His Brother Kept Blaming Him For His Failures, So He Said His GF Broke Up With Him Because She Couldn’t Stand Him

by Ashley Ashbee

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When you’re sad that life hasn’t turned out the way you imagined it, it can be tempting to blame other people.

This person’s brother kept saying everything wrong was his fault, so OP gave him a reality check. Keep reading to see how it went down.

AITA for telling my brother that’s his insufferable and that’s why he’s gf broke up with him?

I have an older brother and we have never been close. He claims I have the life he was gonna have and that I stole it from him.

I don’t really get it as my parents don’t have a favorite and have always treated us the same, except for the following difference:

My brother failed most of his classes and eventually dropped out.

But I finished and landed a decent degree and have started at my job recently.

The sibling rival didn’t stay in the immediate family.

At our recent family gathering my brother and his girlfriend was there.

My brother had to much to drink and started with his BS again.

My parents told him to cut it off but he continued. Apparently he had talked about this nonstop with her.

Then OP couldn’t take the accusations anymore.

I told my brother that’s this is why she broke up with him and that he is insufferable.

I told him to stop blaming me for his failures. He left cursing me out while crying.

My parents said that he had it coming but some of my extended family said I was too harsh on him.


Let’s see what people have to say.

Narcissist seems to be the right word.

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Exactly. Why is it okay to abuse someone, but not okay for that person to stop it?

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This made me laugh. It really is ridiculous. Fantasy novel indeed.

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This is a good point. His brother is wrong, but he’s obviously going through something and needs help.

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I guess so! This made me laugh.

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Phew! Glad I don’t have a brother.

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