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His Brother Wrongly Accused Him Of Not Taking Care Of His Niece While Babysitting, So He Refuses To Apologize And Won’t Watch Her Anymore

by Matthew Gilligan

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Well, this story certainly went off the rails!

It comes to us from Reddit’s “Am I the *******?” page and all I can say is that I think you’ll be surprised how this person is being treated by their family.

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AITA for refusing to babysit my niece?

“My brother & SIL say they caught me on the nanny cam not watching their child and working instead.

I don’t know who all they told this to, but it got back to me.

Let’s get the real story…

What actually happened is, I was asked to babysit last minute & I said I had scheduled work meetings & deadlines, but since I WFH I could come over with my partner & take care of my niece.

I offered for my partner to watch her with my supervision. B&SIL agreed to this & I sent several photo & video updates of niece having a lovely time playing with my partner who is really wonderful with children & always so sweet to my niece.

I was horrified that family, friends & who knows else was being told that I was not properly caring for my niece. I communicated my limitation in advance, but they completely left that detail out & made it seem like I blindsided them.

I decided to let myself cool down from this frustrating circumstance & then sent a message to my B&SIL saying that I love my niece but I no longer feel comfortable caring for her on my own because of the way that things have been communicated and, in my opinion, seriously misconstrued.

How rude…

This meant I’m no longer on the list of people that can be called last minute to watch her or pick her up from school.

B&SIL then started telling family members that I don’t want a relationship with my niece & I’m taking out my anger on her. They also said that I am depriving her of a safe person to pick her up if something comes up.

My parents talk to them & my brother then says that they also caught me yelling at my niece on the nanny cam. I know this is untrue because she is a perfect angel every time I watch her. She’s truly the sweetest child. Never have I even had a reason to raise my voice at my niece.

This sounds like a mess…

My parents were immediately suspicious of this accusation for the same reasons above & knowing how I am with children & my niece in particular. They asked if B&SIL had confronted me about this, to which they said no because I will just deny it.

Parents then said, what does a resolution look like to you, because we are not sure how to help without understanding what you want. B&SIL replied that they want an apology for me taking my name off of the list of people that could watch their child & to be available to watch her again.

AITA for refusing to babysit my niece?”

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Sounds like they’re really getting a raw deal!

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