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His Dad Told Him Multiple Times To Fit All Beer Bottles In The Small Camper Fridge No Matter What, But When Dad Opened It Up He Got A Costly Surprise

by Heide Lazaro

Source: Reddit/MaliciousCompliance/Pexels/Sven van Bellen

Sometimes, adults think they know better than kids just because they are older than them.

Also, most of the time, they do not believe what children tell them, because, again, they think they are smarter than these young ones.

That’s why, in this funny story, not believing the poster, who only was a child back then, led to a terrible outcome.

Make this pack of beers fit in that fridge (they don’t fit)

We were going camping 40 years ago. We had a pop-up trailer with a built-in mini fridge with a sink and cooktop.

My dad said, “Put these beers in the fridge.”

I took the beers. I don’t remember exactly, but I think it was a 12-pack of long neck glass bottles.

OP tried fitting them in the first time.

I opened the fridge, and put the beers in. They didn’t all fit.

I put them all upright. I guaranteed that the door could close, and that none would fall out when you opened the fridge. There were some in the door where condiments go.

It was pretty full.

I reported back.

They wanted him to try again.

They were angry when they heard that they didn’t all fit.

They commanded that I go back, and put ALL the beers in the fridge, and not to come back until that was done.

After some more tries and a few analyses, the result was the same.

Could the beers be on their side with the fridge door still closing, and I could stack them up? No.

Could I put beers that are upside down with the beers that are right side up? It wasn’t stable.

I worked at it for a while since I didn’t have a time limit. I like geometry. I’m good at math. I like puzzles.

Still, it could not be done.

The request still couldn’t be done.

I was satisfied that the volume of the beer challenged the volume of the fridge, and that there were possible alternative unstable stacking methods that could get some more bottles in there, but woe to anyone who opened the fridge, because the cascade of beers would be impressive.

Feeling confident, I reported back that the request could not be done.

He thought of just drinking those that wouldn’t fit.

They were enraged.

It strikes my adult self that I should have just reported victory, and hid the other beers somewhere else in the camper until there was room in the fridge.

Maybe I should have drank the ones that didn’t fit. I was young though. Didn’t think of that.

Just to please them, he stacked the beers in an unsteady arrangement.

They were so mad. I had to go back, and fit them ALL in the fridge.

Okay then.

I went for an unstable arrangement of beers, and worked at it for sometime, until I could just slam the door closed in time to form a seal.

And the result was…

Eventually, they opened the boobytrapped door.

The camper was not level. As the door opened, the beers all rolled out of the fridge in a rush for the open door of the camper, like salmon jumping free when the dam is released, but they crashed in pools of broken glass and beer on rocks.

My dad caught a few like an Alaskan bear on the river. He got like two in each mitt.

I expected to be yelled at again, but no.

Strangely, the worst of it was reporting the news that they didn’t fit, and not the aftermath of the great beer migration.

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This user is suggesting a possible solution.

Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

What a funny image!

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Good point here about ordering children from this user.

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This user thanks them for an interesting story.

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Kudos to great storytelling!

Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

They should have just believed him the first time he reported, right?

That would have been too easy, though.

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