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His Entitled Neighbor Demanded That He Put Up His Christmas Lights Even Though His Wife Had Just Passed Away, So He Doubled Down With The Biggest Display Yet

by Michael Levanduski

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Holiday traditions like decorating a house with Christmas lights are a lot of fun and a great way to bring people together.

Sometimes, however, traditions change or someone needs to take a year off because they are going through something difficult.

Most of the time, everyone is very understanding and supportive.

Not in this story though.

Read on to see how a neighbor tried to make a grieving man feel bad for taking a year off of putting up Christmas decorations (after his wife passed), but got put in her place instead.

She wants a decorated house? She’s going to GET a decorated house

My friends Adam and Belle have a story about one of their neighbors and how he managed to stuff a 5lb bag of coal in a Karen’s stocking this Christmas by using Malicious Compliance.

This particular neighbor (Tim) and his wife (Frances) would go overboard on the outdoor decorations every Christmas.

I absolutely love Christmas decorations. The more over the top, the better!

There’d be lights, garlands, wrought iron reindeer statues, snowflakes, candy canes, a 6 ft tall Santa statue, a Nativity set etc. etc.

It was “it’s own brand of charm” according to the neighbors.

Unfortunately, earlier this year, Frances suffered a massive stroke and passed away.

Tim was devastated, especially as Christmas came closer and closer.

Frances’s favorite holiday was Christmas.

This is completely understandable.

Tim told the neighbors around Thanksgiving that he wasn’t going to decorate the house that year.

It was just too painful without Frances there. Everyone was sad, but they understood.

Unfortunately, Karen *didn’t* get this memo.

It’s the week or so after Thanksgiving and people who haven’t put up Christmas decorations are busy doing so.

Adam and Belle were walking their dog, Domingo.

Tim is out front of his house, getting the mail. Adam and Belle go up with Domingo to see Tim and say hello.

While they’re talking, a red minivan pulls into Tim’s driveway.

Karen steps out.

Belle and Adam have never seen her before but Tim recognizes her. “Good morning, Karen.”

“Yeah, hi. Uh, I was wondering if you were going to put up your Christmas decorations this year.”

Adam, Belle and Tim look at each other, uncomfortable. “I’m not going to put up any decorations this year.” Tim said.

“And why not?” Karen asked.

“Christmas reminds me of Frances.”

It’s bad enough that she even asked, but now she is trying to say that his late-wife would have wanted it?

“Well…what about my kids? They’ve been looking forward to seeing the house decorated. And the fact that you’re pretty much the only house that isn’t decorated makes them really sad! What would Frances want?!”

Belle, Adam and Tim just stared in astonishment.

“We’ve had a pandemic and we need the cheering. They’ve been looking forward to this every year!”

Tim is looking both angry and brokenhearted. Adam and Belle are ready to tell Karen to go stuff it but Karen sets the trap for Tim’s Malicious Compliance.

“We’re going to be here after church on Christmas Eve and this house Better. Be. Decorated!”

And with that, Karen gets back into her minivan and drives off.

Belle looks at Tim…and he’s got a malicious smile on his face.

It sounds like he has something great in mind.

“She wants a decorated house? She’s going to GET a decorated house.”

The weeks pass and Tim starts getting several packages delivered.

He also starts putting things up in the yard, but they’re covered with bedsheets so they look like those Halloween ghosts.

He also starts putting lights on the house.

There’s more lights than usual but he doesn’t turn them on at night.

Karen and her minivan don’t show up, even though Adam and Belle had alerted everyone in the neighborhood about her.

Christmas Eve rolls around. Adam and Belle are invited to Tim’s house for dinner and to watch the movie “Scrooged”.

They are also asked to BYOB. When they arrive, the curtains are drawn. Tim greets them with a big smile.

They settle down and he details his plan, asking for their help.

They’re laughing at the end of it and eagerly agree.

As they work, Belle note that he’s happier than they’ve seen him in a while. Tim says “it’s hopefully going to get even better.”

By this point, it’s still just light enough that they can see what they’re doing but just dark enough that you can’t see what’s in the yard.

They remove the bedsheets and laugh at all the decorations that have been set up.

There’s a nice dinner and watch the movie. Midway through the movie, Tim’s alarm goes off on his cell phone. He pauses the movie, looks at Adam and Belle and says “It’s showtime!”

Everyone bundles up and they head to the sidewalk across the street.

It’s now pitch black and Tim’s house still isn’t lit up. There’s the usual cars driving through the neighborhood, with Karen’s red minivan being at the end of the line.

I can only imagine what Tim has planned for Karen.

“Right on time.” Tim says, taking a remote out of his coat pocket. They wait until the red minivan reaches the front.

Tim presses the button.

According to Belle, it was like the scene from “Christmas Vacation” when the Griswold’s house turns on.

There’s red, white and blue lights galore. The yard has eagle statues, stars, flags. banners, Statues of Liberty, etc. In the windows are lights that look like exploding fireworks.

Tim grins and presses another button. All the sudden “Star Spangled Banner” begins to belt out through several speakers placed throughout the yard.

As Adam, Belle and Tim are laughing as the minivan stops and parks. Karen gets out of the driver’s seat and storms over to them.

“What. Is. THAT?!” She shrieks, pointing to the house and looking about ready to blow a gasket.

Honestly, this sounds like some epic decorating to me.

“It’s my Salute to All Nations, but mostly America!” Tim said. “Don’t you like it?”

“IT’S CHRISTMAS!” Karen shouts. “I wanted you to decorate the house for CHRISTMAS!”

“You wanted a decorated house, Karen. You didn’t say what holiday.”

With that, Karen flipped them off, got back in the minivan and drove off.

Tim turned off the music and lights and they head back to Tim’s house to finish “Scrooged.”

Tim told Adam and Belle as they were leaving for the night “I think I’m going to decorate my house like this every Christmas. Frances would’ve gotten a kick out of it.”

Not sure it was worth all the time, money, and effort he spent to do this, but as long as it upset Karen, I’m sure he was satisfied.

Let’s see what other people on Reddit thought.

This is the type of thing that I was honestly expecting.

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That would be too funny!

Source: Reddit/MaliciousCompliance

Yes. It can be a strong motivator.

Source: Reddit/MaliciousCompliance

People should appreciate the work that others put in for holiday decorating, not demand it.

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LOL – Now this would be funny!

Source: Reddit/MaliciousCompliance

It isn’t always about you (and your kids) Karen!

This was some grade-A entitlement.

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