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His Entitled Sister Needed His Help With Her Computer Setup, So Made Sure The Process Was As Difficult As Possible

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Unsplash/@kellysikkema

Sometimes, you gotta knock people off their pedestal to show them they’re not better than you…

And that goes double when you’re dealing with siblings!

Check out how this guy got a little bit of petty revenge on his entitled sister.

Refuse to check the Speaker Cable? I got you Sis.

“Few years back my sister called me demanding I help her with her computer as she had no audio.

At the time (2010’ish) store bought computers had stand alone speakers / microphones with color coded cords instead of everything USB. If you were in a rush and not paying attention they would get mixed up.

So I tell her she needs to check the cables, that she probably plugged them in wrong. She blatantly refuses and that her computer is broken and that I needed to fix it …

This was nothing new…

Little background on my sis. She has always been the “princess” in our family of 3 boys and 1 girl at the time. So she has always been accustomed to getting her way. Besides being the princess she also had the typical “valley girl” looks at the time of Blonde Hair, Blue eyes, and “enhanced Saline assets”.

… Between the entitlement coming through in her voice and the blatant refusal to believe she did something wrong, I started losing my inner tech-support Zen … and the Pettiness begins.

It was time to get down to business.

Me: Oh No, you have a PEBCAK error

**** PEBCAK = Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard ****

Sis: PEBCAK error ? How do I fix that?!?

Me: Head to Staples, they should have some PEBCAK Software to clear it, shouldn’t cost maybe $20. It’s Spelled “PEBCAK”.

Sis: “P E B C A K” Ok Thanks *click*

Little more background, at the time she was dating a rather large / buff police officer (I’m around 6 ft / 170 and felt like Gumby next to this dude).

Next came the phone call a day later. I see her name pop up on the Caller ID and my eyes got big.

Here it comes…

Me: Hello?


She then goes into detail on how her and her boyfriend’s trip to Staples went. She couldn’t find the software on the shelf (for obvious reasons) …

Went to the tech help desk … 1st tech had no clue and couldn’t find anything searching the staples site … called over 2nd tech who didn’t know what it was either … so together they search the internet and find and subsequently read out loud “PEBCAK = Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard” … cue red face and complete embarrassment.

Sis: So are you going to help me with my computer now you Jerk?!?

That night I went over to her place and made her watch me as I slid out her computer from the desk and swapped the cords to match the colors … cue milder red face.”

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Sibling rivalry is alive and well!

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