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His Half Siblings Refuse To Let Him Stay With Them For A Few Days While His Parents Are Out Of Town. Now His Parents Are Offended That He Despises His Half Siblings.

by Sarrah Murtaza

Source: Reddit/AITA/pexels/ Inzmam Khan

What’s worse than having no siblings? Having siblings who won’t acknowledge your existence!

This poor boy faces this ill fate but is still strong headed when his parents refuse to believe that his siblings don’t care about him.

Let’s check out what happened!

AITA for asking my friends if I could stay with them for a few days when my parents were trying to get their adult kids to let me stay?

My parents are going out of town for a few days (4) next month. They don’t want me (15m) home alone for 4 days.

So they decided to ask their kids (mom’s are 28, 26 and 24) (dad’s are 24 and 23) if any of them would want to come stay for a few days or if they’d let me stay with one of them.

The answers were disappointing..

Answers were slow coming in and I wasn’t surprised when I heard my parents say none seemed willing.

But they had an explanation..

I’m not close to any of my half siblings. I’d say I don’t have any relationship with them. I don’t really ever see them, they never talk to me, we’re not social media friends, we don’t text, they don’t send a card or anything for my birthday.

I maybe see them at Christmas but it’s not like they actually spend any time with me. I never felt like I had siblings. It always felt like I lived with two sibling sets and then I was an only child.

He seems to have siblings and yet not have them.

I say half siblings because I’m trying to be respectful to my parents who love their kids but also not making it seem like we’re all super close and “just siblings” because I have a different parent from each of them and it matters a lot to them if cousins are right and they always saw me as the kid their living parent had after they lost their other parent.

My parents weren’t really getting anywhere and I asked my best friends parents if they’d mind me staying for four days. They didn’t.

He made a wise choice.

I told them my parents didn’t know yet but I didn’t think the people they were asking would agree. They know the deal by now.

So I told my parents and they were annoyed I asked my friends parents instead of waiting for my half siblings. I told them it seemed like a good idea to have a backup plan in place for when they all say no.

The parents had hope.

My parents said I don’t know that they’ll all say no. A few days go by and still no answer from two of them and my parents asked why I appeared to want them to say no. I said it wasn’t that, I just expect it.

They told me it was difficult enough to know I wish for a sibling (something I didn’t know they heard me say and it was a couple of years ago and said to my friend) when I have five of them but to know I have such low expectations.

He gave them a reality check.

I said it’s my reality and it’s one they can ignore if they want to. But I don’t feel like a sibling to them and I know they don’t consider me a real sibling, any of them.

The parents didn’t like his bluntness.

My parents told me I still went behind their back and it was wrong and showed such a lack of trust and faith.


Ouch! That must have hurt!

This boy isn’t sad his siblings don’t want him. He’s sad because his parents can’t see it!

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The commentators all seem to be supporting the guy for his “backup plan”!

Why can’t siblings just get along?

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